You Won't Believe How Much I Spent To Have Two Lipsticks Sent To Canada

But you better believe I don't regret it.
Publish date:
April 28, 2014
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I recently recited the story of my hesitation to wear
and the journey to my now-signature red. Today, I’m
telling you about how far I’ve come since then; and as far as my wallet is
concerned, it isn’t pretty.

Except it totally is pretty (or at least it involves very pretty things).

I recently spent an absurd amount of money on two high-end
lipsticks: Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick in Garçonne 25 and Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope in Brat Pack. And I
have to tell you, I don’t regret it.

I know, I know. Spending over $150
dollars on TWO tubes of lipstick is INSANE. But here’s my argument: I wear
lipstick every single day, and have for years now. I appreciate it. I love
it. I feel totally naked and not like myself without it. Of course I don’t
expect someone who occasionally wears some gloss to understand my longing for something like this--something I would think about and think about until I couldn’t think about
it anymore.

I needed it.

When I wear my Guerlain or my Lipstick Queen, I have it out on
display all day. You know what they say about office plants cheering up
workers? Nothing holds a candle to how much that gorgeous gold metal case or
clean smooth lines engraved with the Guerlain logo brighten my day. I
mean, it has ruby powder in it. The case was designed by a famous Parisian
Jeweler. It screams luxury.

I discovered Velvet Rope when I kept spotting reviews and references to it on beauty blogs. EVERYONE was talking about it.

was inspired by the golden years of Hollywood when glamour was in every detail.
This is the lipstick of the red carpet, the people, the places and the
personalities that glide past the Velvet Rope and into the night,” Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King says.

Do you KNOW how much I love old Hollywood vixens and red
lipstick? I was SO sold, not even the $50 price tag could stop me. But it not
being available in my country? That could.

I was completely heartbroken when I
couldn’t find it in Canada. In fact, I couldn’t even get my hands on Guerlain
Rouge G either. So I bit the bullet and went online.

Sephora shipped my
Guerlain (they don’t carry Rouge G in stores) and I had to go as far as the
Nordstrom website (which we don’t have here in Toronto) for my Lipstick
Queen fix. I paid absurd shipping and duty fees, but having these things
in my possession was worth the splurge.

So, how do they stand up? Pretty damn well. It’s kind of
crazy how they both just glide on, crazy-pigmented at first swipe. They don’t
dry your lips out at all, and if anything, make them feel even more supple.

What’s the secret ingredient? How does this make my lips feel even better than before? It has
something to do with unicorns, doesn’t it? It’s totally unicorns.

The price tags are hefty, and I don’t
recommend buying them unless you’re at the art-collector level of lipsticks,
but they really are incredible.

I don’t even use lip pencil when I wear these lipsticks. I
don’t need to, and that’s UNHEARD OF for me. The staying power is crazy good,
and with such little product.

I was worried at first about Garçonne 25 because it
does have a bit of a flowery smell to it, which others may be put off by.
Personally, I find it very subtle and don’t notice it much at all, especially after
a few minutes of wear. Brat Pack doesn’t seem to have a smell
at all.

Some people save up for vacations. I save up for crazy-expensive
lipsticks. I guess it’s all about how it makes you feel in the end, right?