My 3 Favorite Things From MAC’s Sharon and Kelly Osbourne Collections

What I didn't think I needed? New limited-edition lipsticks to obsess over. Thanks, MAC.
Publish date:
June 12, 2014
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I live for MAC limited-edition collections. Funny, they’re usually filled with new colors that just so happen to be the colors I’ve spent my entire makeup wearing life searching for.

I’ve gone through some thangs in pursuit of limited-edition products: waking up at two o’clock in the morning to check that the collection dropped, standing in line outside in the polar vortex until the store opened, and ordering from London literally a week after I left the city--which I had just been studying abroad in for the last four months.

All of these crazy times were for the sake of lipstick. MAC lipstick at that: Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday, Rihanna Pleasure Bomb, and when MAC first released Candy Yum-Yum as a limited edition. As you can see, my love for pink lipstick has gotten so real.

When I read that MAC was releasing a collection with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne--two collections, to be accurate--I wasn't sure what to expect because they're so totally different from each other (Sharon and Kelly, that is). And more important, would there be a new lipstick for me to covet? Read on...

Sharon’s collection is for the modest type. It’s filled with Patentpolish Lip Pencils, which are color sticks that go on like chubby lip pencils, but shine like gloss. All are in warm, neural tones such as a nude beige and warm caramel. There are two Lipglasses also in neutral shades (a light gold and soft rose), Mineralized Skinfinish Duo in peachy-golden pink, a satin-finish Powder Blush (peachy-pink), and two brushes (an angled shading brush and a larger blending brush).

My favorite product from Sharon’s collection is the Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Ruby, which is a rosy color. It glides on easily and gives a nice tint with a satin finish. It reminds me of the BITE BB for Lips, except it doesn’t move much or wear off throughout the day. I lined it with the Lip Pencil in Cranberry, a subtle yellow-pink, to give it some extra color.

Kelly’s collection is more fun and daring. Like her mother, she also has two brushes (a pencil brush and a flat buffer brush); plus a Mineralized Skinfinish Duo (light beige/pale pink); a Powder Blush in a satiny, peachy brown; a Lip Pencil in bright yellow-pink; and a Eye Shadow Quad (a mix of satin, matte, and pearl textures), and an Eye Kohl. Kelly also has a Jumbo Penultimate liner (in Rapidblack), four lipstick shades (mattes and satins, ranging from light nude to light vivid orange), and a Brow Duo in soft taupe/dark brown.

My favorite products from the Kelly collection are the Dodgy Girl and Kelly Yum-Yum lipsticks. Dodgy Girl is a matte pale lavender that reminds me of the Rihanna Hearts MAC RiRi Boy that was released last summer. Depending on the lighting, it can look more pink than lavender. Kelly Yum-Yum is a bright blue pink that’s similar to the original Candy Yum-Yum, but has a satin finish instead of a matte one. If you’re into bright lips, these can be your new bright summer shades.

If you weren’t able to get these products online because they were sold out, now’s the chance to stock up--the collections are out in-store today.

Who's your favorite Osbourne? And what crazy stuff have you done to get a limited-edition beauty product?