Why I Bought These Fancy-As-Hell $175 Makeup Brushes

Alexis Bittar’s collaboration with Sephora is as swanky as it looks.

The package arrived about a week ago. As I opened it, guilt surged through my veins. You see, I dropped $175 on the Alexis Bittar for Sephora Beauty Brush Set + Stand, and that was after Sephora was kind enough to send me the Beauty Brush + Travel Wrap. I mean, it’s no wonder I felt a little shameful: The bill added up to almost six NARS Audacious Lipsticks, or about 30 Lush bath bombs!

Once I took a peek, though, the remorse melted away. They were even more gorgeous than I'd anticipated. And with each silky swipe of makeup, my pride in them swells. No, gold-plated and Swarovski crystal-adorned makeup brushes aren’t for everyone, but for me, they're worth the splurge. Here’s why:

They Combine The Two Best Things: Makeup and Jewelry

Alexis Bittar is legendary for his use of Lucite and semi-precious stones in the most gloriously unique way; let’s just say I’ve been eyeing his swag ever since I realized he’d accessorized both Carrie Bradshaw and Michelle Obama. Not only do the brushes in the Sephora collection hark back to some of Bittar’s most famous, trademark pieces (check out those Lucite handles!), they’re also an investment in the future of your accessories stash: each product in the collection comes with a $25 coupon toward Bittar’s statement jewels.

They Look Ultra Luxe, But Are Light As Air

My biggest concern about the collection was whether I would have difficulty applying my makeup with brushes weighed down by gold and crystals. Color me stunned when I finally picked these babies up. They actually feel lighter than my tried-and-true Real Techniques brushes, making every sweep of blush and each flick of eyeliner as precise as possible.

They’re Both A Means Of Applying Makeup And A Keepsake

I don’t know about you, but once in a while I buy the dumbest, gaudiest stuff for my apartment on a whim (enormous Roman bust, I’m looking at you). Here, you get beauty tools that double as swanky, ornamental pieces for your vanity. No joke: visitors have stopped looking at the art on my walls and instead head directly toward this brush set.

Most Importantly, They’re The Best Brushes I’ve Ever Used

The bristles are a mixture of natural hair and satine, a synthetic that is both insanely soft and very good at picking up product. Basically, applying makeup with the Bittar brushes is such a dream, it’s almost therapeutic. Plus, many of my cheaper brushes have fallen apart with too much wear and washing; with brushes this luxurious, you’re guaranteed to get years of use from them. Though it’s a hefty price tag, you’ll save a little cash in the long run.

  • Tell me I’m not crazy: have you lusted after these brushes?
  • What’s been your biggest beauty splurge, and did you feel guilty about it?