Law & Order SVU And Makeup: How Two Of My Favorite Things Are Coming Together, Sort Of

Stephanie March (Alex Cabot) and Rebecca Perkins (the show's makeup department head) are launching New York's first makeup salon, and my head is exploding from all of the awesomeness.
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December 9, 2013
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When people ask me if I watch this-or-that popular new show, my answer is usually no. When they ask why (and they always ask why, because whatever show they're talking about is so good and how could I not watch?), I offer dishonest excuses.

"It'll take too long to catch up," or, "I'm too mentally exhausted to get emotionally involved in a new set of characters." OK, that's not dishonest; but it's not the real reason.

The real reason is because I'd rather watch reruns of Law & Order SVU for the kajillionth time, and I usually can because there are at least four channels I know of that will be showing an episode, if not a full-blown marathon.

SPEAKING OF MARATHONS, did you see the one on USA a couple weekends ago? The theme was every hairstyle Mariska Hargitay has ever worn on the show.

A beauty-themed Law & Order SVU marathon? Could it get any better?

Well, yes, actually, because a few days later, I was invited to visit Rouge New York, a makeup salon created by Stephanie March, known for her role as ADA Alex Cabot on SVU, and the show's makeup department head, Rebecca Perkins.

I was pretty much just as excited to meet them as I was about the concept of a makeup salon. Nail salons have been around forever, and blow-dry bars have become a huge hit--it only makes sense that there'd be a place women can go to get their makeup done for something special: an interview, a big date, a Law & Order SVU marathon party, etc.

I visited Rouge at their chic location on Thompson Street in Soho, and chatted with Rebecca and Stephanie, who told me they want to make flawless makeup application accessible and in a relaxed setting.

And they do mean relaxed...

That's Stephanie almost fully reclining in one of the comfy makeup station chairs as Rebecca touches up her makeup.

Stephanie's pretty used to having Rebecca do her makeup, after years together on set. And while Rebecca spent about half of her time doing special-effects makeup like decaying corpse skin and black eyes, she also got to spend lots of time doing beautiful everyday looks on the stars of the show.

It's everyday--and special night--looks that Rouge is offering on their menu, ranging from $50 to $75 and using makeup from awesome brands like Face Stocklholm and Julie Hewett.

You can even get little extras like an eyebrow touchup, lip waxing, and individual false lash placement, which Rebecca did for me while I was trying not to fangirl out.

It was at this point that Stephanie told me I look 23, and I almost squealed "Can you put that in writing?!" but didn't. I'm really glad I didn't.

I did, however, tell them that I think they have an inevitable hit on their hands. As Stephanie was telling me, some women just don't feel like they have great makeup skills--herself included--but they can't afford to spend over $100 to have a makeup artist give them the look they wish they could do for themselves for a special occasion. Rouge solves that--at least in New York for now.

Rouge opens this week, with appointments available as early as 7am! And if you want to continue using the makeup they use on you, it's available for purchase; oh, and if you're loyal to a certain mascara or know a certain foundation is the only one that won't break you out or you just went to the Bite Beauty Lab (which is mere feet away) and want to use your custom lipstick, bring it along and they'll gladly use it.

Plus, you can make appointments online, which is awesome if you're like me and hate talking to people on the phone.

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