Love BB Products? This Lip Balm Is For You

BITE's BB For Lips is lipstick meets lip balm meets BB cream. But is it really a triple threat?
Publish date:
May 29, 2014
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When I first discovered BITE Beauty BB For Lips, I didn’t know what to think. Did BB stand for blemish balm? Are lip blemishes really that common? Sounds like something you'd remedy with a trip to the pharmacy, not the beauty counter.

Then I remembered that BB stands for beauty balm. Ahhh, it all makes sense. BITE had created a balm that would give my lips hydration, sheer color, and SPF 15. Yes, please.

The paraben- and sulfate-free stick is infused with shea butter, sumac wax, and essential oils. As a victim of dry lips (we're talking Sahara-level dryness), BB For Lips seemed to be have everything I was wishing for--and it's not even Christmas! It applies smooth like a lip balm, but has a creamier formula. It's quite satin-y, actually.

BB For Lips comes in five mineral tints ranging from a clear Natural to a deep wine Dolce. I've been wearing the Dolce shade because it’s the darkest, and I love a bold lip. Therein lies my first problem with this product: The shade looks darker in the tube than it does on your lips. Plus, the pigment fades and you're left with a nude lip/dark lip-liner effect. I love '90s trends, but I am NOT trying to look like I just stepped out of a scene from The Craft.

Still, this is a nice change of pace from my highly pigmented matte lippies. It gives me the moisture I need to keep my lips from getting scaly—and lord knows there's nothing worse than dry, cracked lips in the summertime.

Have you tried any good tinted lip balms that deliver bold, lasting color? I want to know!