I'm Using This One Drusgtore Lipstick All Over My Face for a Pretty, Dewy Look

I accidentally realized this affordable lip color works on cheeks and eyes, too.
Publish date:
July 9, 2015
multitaskers, lipstick, Rimmel, dewy makeup

Now that we are officially in the dripping hot days of summer, my office has turned up the AC full blast. Like, if you don’t bring an auxiliary sweater, you are going to be shivering and running to the break room for hot tea and complaining of frostbite all day. Although it is a welcome change of pace from the 95 degrees and 95% humidity that we’re working with outside, it’s a bit much, and it dries out my skin during the day.

To keep my face at its oily best, I’ve been upping the moisturizer and going for dewier makeup than I ever considered before to compensate for the lovely dried-out-old-apricot look my skin is veering towards.

During the process of trying out purposely dewy makeup, I accidentally came across a multi-use lipstick that really ups the ante and gives a glowing cherub look.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss line is one of my favorites across the board. It has a beautiful, velvety finish and it’s not drying so you can wear it all day err day. My one gripe with the line is the color selection held in most stores leans towards the concealer-y nudes with a sudden drop to dark red.

Really the only in-between color I’ve ever seen from the line is 104. It’s a beautiful medium muted pink that leans just a tad mauve. It’s been my go-to office-appropriate lipstick for ages and now it’s getting even more use because I’m scribbling it all over my face. It’s that natural dusty pink shade that makes you look healthy and youthful.

The key to wearing the exact same color on you eyes, cheeks, and lips is the concentration. The best combination I’ve found is wearing it full-strength on the lips, washed out on the eyes, and barely there on the cheeks.

To apply the lipstick to my eyes and cheeks, I like to swatch it on the back of my hand a few times and go in with a synthetic brush or fingers to apply. For cheeks, I’ve been using the Real Techniques Contour Brush, and for eyes I go for the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Eye Brush.

The key to keeping this dewy eye look all day when you’ve got oily lids is to prime or to set with powder, but keep in mind, both of these options do make the eyes a little more matte. My favorite primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion, because it shellacs products onto my eyelids till I decide to take it off.

Powder wise, I’ve been using the Sonia Kashuk Glow Powder so it won’t be completely matte but this doesn’t last as long, and it really takes away the lipstick’s glow (so much for that glow, Glow Powder). Another option would be to set it with an eyeshadow, but I love the translucent look of having just the lipstick for color.

Even though I love trying new products, finding new uses for the same products is super-fun, too! Add to that I can now take just one lipstick to touch up my eyes, lips and cheeks whenever I want—even if it makes me look like a little kid playing with makeup in the bathroom.

  • What is your favorite multi use makeup product?
  • What colors do you like to wear all over your face?