Why Didn't Anyone Put A Balm On The End Of A Lip Stain Before Now?

I'm officially a lip stain convert, thanks to this 2-in-1 drugstore find.
Publish date:
April 15, 2013
Revlon, lip balms, lip stains

I'm not much of a lipstick girl because it unfailingly gets on my teeth, I have to constantly reapply, and it always seems to dry out. I just don’t have that kind of time or patience as I’m very, very busy, and highly important.

So while I’m no stranger to the seduction of a bold lip, lipstick is just not convenient enough for me. Give me a balm, a gloss; but lipstick’s too much. IT’S JUST TOO MUCH!

How. Ever.

On one of my typical trips to Duane Reade recently, I zoned out in front of the lip products in the makeup aisle, looking for a bright-ish, dark-ish color that promised to be long-lasting and would bring some life to my pale-ish anemic-ish face.

I came across the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm, and I kind of rolled my eyes, to be honest with you, because all of the lip stains I had ever worn up until that point left my lips parched.

These, however, were more than just a lip stain: they were, as you may have already guessed, also a balm. So I thought, “Alright, Revlon. Try me,” or, rather, try you--and I grabbed the blood-red color, named Twilight, of course. I put it on BEFORE PAYING WHICH IS WHAT I ALWAYS DO AND I ALSO DRINK BEVERAGES AS I PERUSE SHELVES BEFORE I PAY, WOOPS, and thought, “Oh yes. I do like where this is going.”

I bought it, obviously, and have since gone back for three more: Instinct, Passion, and Dawn/Aube (jeez, Revlon, make up your mind).


They’re fun to use!

It’s like a magic marker! I outline my lips and then color them in like my face is GD arts and crafts project.

The marker-like format also gives you free reign to play around with the shape of your mouth: draw along the outside of your lips for the illusion of more fullness, or even draw in a cupid’s bow if you’re missing one and always wondered what it would be like to have one.

They’re mess-proof!

Don’t even worry about it. It won’t get on your teeth or smudge along your face or rub off on anything like stupid lipstick. Don’t. Even. Worry.

They’re not drying!

Unlike most lip stains I’ve used, this one doesn’t dry out my lips because it’s a two-in-one. I apply the balm before and after the stain, and then I pretty much forget about it.

They’re long-lasting!

The color stays deep, rich and vibrant all day and even overnight if I don’t scrub my lips with a toothbrush. It's basically permanent, and such few things in life are, you know? So let’s embrace that.

Have you tried this lip stain/balm combo? If so, what’s your favorite shade? If not, why the hell not?!