Holy Grails: The 4 Revlon Products I Can't Live Without

Publish date:
November 19, 2014
Revlon, drugstore beauty, holy grail products, gel nail polish, lengthening mascara

Looking around my beauty product-strewn room, there's one glaringly obvious fact: I’m more than a little bit addicted to Revlon.

We’re talking half of my purse’s makeup bag is filled with the stuff--from foundation to nail polish to (duh) lip products. Once I thought about it, I realized I often choose Revlon over universally loved brands like Chanel, MAC, and NARS, and not just because of the price.

Here are my four Revlon Holy Grails, the ones I simply refuse to let go of.

Nearly Naked Liquid Makeup

Over the summer I made an insanely dangerous discovery: Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation. I’ll spare you the gushy description and just cut to the $45 price tag--for one ounce of product. Not sustainable.

Thankfully, my homies at Revlon created something so strikingly similar that it takes my breath away with each use. Applied with either a brush or sponge, it creates a dewy, radiant complexion with a few quick swipes--seriously, this stuff is almost sickeningly blendable. And guess what? I actually like the scent of the Revlon product better than the Chanel.

Grow Luscious Mascara

Ever the cynic, I bought this mascara strictly because it has the big, evenly spaced bristles that I adore so much. I had never once considered that it could actually make my eyelashes longer and stronger. (Hello, isn’t that basically the same thing as believing in Santa?) But, whoa, this stuff was amazing, and I kept using it every day. A month later, my lashes were practically touching my eyebrows once my mascara was applied. Yep, I’m never going back.

ColorStay Gel Envy

Let’s just say that sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me and wreaks havoc on my beauty routine. For instance, I rip off all my nail polish the second I notice the tiniest chip. Thanks to this flawless two-step, I can go about a week and a half without a single chip. Plus, the color selection is fantastic, and the Diamond Top Coat really does plump up your nails and make them super shiny like a gel mani. And no UV light! Woo hoo!

ColorStay Moisture Stain

When I die, I want to be buried with one of these multi-taskers in my hand. (I’m only, like, 40% joking.) I mean, I thought Revlon had reached their lip game peak with the ColorBurst lip chubbies, but this. THIS. Let me count the ways I love it: The nude to deep plum shade range is the greatest, the shiny wet formula is moisturizing, but not sticky, and best of all, once the gloss fades, the color stays. The shade Barcelona Nights flatters my face like no other lip product has in my life. No exaggerations here.

  • What are your Revlon Holy Grail products?
  • Not so into Revlon? Tell me all about your favorite drugstore items. I'm in need of a good haul at the moment.