Hey Broke Girls, Your New Favorite Eyebrow Product Is Less Than $6

As Ludacris once asked, "What's your (brow) fan-ta-ta-syyyyy?"
Publish date:
March 24, 2016
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Whether you like it or not, bold brows are still a thing. It seems, these days, you can't impulse-purchase a single magazine in line at the grocery store without seeing at least one story and 76 advertisements promising you the brows of your dreams. Dreams, of course, come at a variety of price points.

I'm here to tell you, though, to get your best brows yet, you only need five bucks and some change.

Let me introduce you to my BBF (my best brow friend [please don't tell me if BBF is already a porn thing, though I'm sure it is]), Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel.

I don't do anything to my brows really. Every now and then, I'll get bored and pluck some stray hairs, but for the most part, they just chill. I like their shape and thickness. I generally don't give a hoot about "no-makeup makeup" but brows that look super ~done~ freak me out. Instagram brows get a firm "no thanks" from me.

So when I look for an eyebrow product, I just want something I can use to shape them a teeny bit, add some volume, and fill in some patchy bits. Revlon's Brow Fantasy lets me keep my brows as low-key as I want, but you can also get dramatic with it, too.

It's a dual product, as it says in the name. On one end, you'll find a traditional pencil. The color goes on light as a feather, but with more pressure, you'll get more results. Go slow at first with a pencil if you're accustomed to powders.

I use the pencil to fill in some of the patchy bits along my brows' arches. Then, I add some oomph to the inner corners and drag it ever-so-lightly out to define the tail ends. As a kid, my mom always told me never to over-pluck because I was so lucky to have brows that extended so far. It's probably the only advice of hers I took when I was young, and I'm thankful for it!

On the other end, the gel comes out with a mascara wand. It goes on shiny, but the shine dies down pretty quickly. The gel is colored as well, which helps to add volume and thickness to brows while holding any unruly hairs in place.

It's a gel with a good bit of hold, but it won't make your brows feel stiff or weird the way mine used to when I sprayed them with hairspray before high-school musicals.

You can use the pencil on its own for definition, or just the gel on its own for a lighter-handed look, but I love the combination of both. Brow Fantasy comes in four shades: Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Brunette, and Dark Brown.

I've been using this product for, like, six months. and now I can do my brows in about a minute. So along with all the money I saved not buying expensive brow products, think of all the time I've saved, too!

  • Have you tried this stuff? YOU OUGHTA!
  • What's your HG eyebrow product?