Review: Shupette By Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura

Do you have a paper bag handy? You might hyperventilate.
Publish date:
November 12, 2014
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Get ready to swoon, ya'll. The much anticipated Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura Shupette Collection has finally pounced into the beauty world--and it's a sparkly, fluffy sight to behold.

Considering my obsession with felines, it's not surprising that when the collection was announced, I was pretty darn excited. Shu Uemura? Karl Lagerfeld? A collection inspired by a cuddly white cat with piercing blue eyes? Sign me UP, Karl.

The collection contains 15 pieces, including the Shupette Has-It-All Eye & Lip Palette, two eye trios, two rouge trios, blush singles, eyeliners, face powder, and a glitter set. Also included in are faux lashes, nail polish, cleansing oil, a brush set, and an eyelash curler.

All in all, it's a pretty comprehensive set, and the color scheme, as you'd imagine, is very soft and feminine. Think milky pinks, powdery blues, soft golds and plenty of glitter. Prices start at $18 for the nail polish, with the most expensive items being the palette ($89), cleansing oil ($90), and trunk ($400). The prices are pretty in line with what you'd expect from both brands, and I'm overall very impressed with the quality.

I sampled a few of the items, including the Has-It-All Palette and the Rouge Bonbon Fantasy Trio in Parisienne Chic. The palette was enclosed in a super soft, white makeup bag with blue gem eyes designed in the image of Choupette (Karl's cat).

Before I get into my makeup tutorial, let's do some swatching.

As you can see, the colors are quite soft and smoky. The formulations are really easy to manipulate and blend, as well, allowing you to go sheer or build up intensity. The lip colors are very pigmented, and a little goes a long way. I'd call them a mix between a liquid and a solid and would recommend a nice lip pencil for precise application.

The Parisienne Chic Rouge Bonbon Trio is on top and the Eye-Need-Shu liner in Midnight Black is on the bottom (note the blue glitter). Personally, I think the palette lip colors/rouge bonbons can be used both as lippies and blushers. You could even get creative and try a wet and glossy eye.

A Wearable '70s Inspired Tutorial

After applying an eye shadow primer, apply the light blue shadow across the lid and up to the crease. For more color payoff, pat the shadow into the lid versus swiping back and forth.

Using a crease brush, apply the darker blue color across the socket line. Blend it out really well. I like to go back in with a clean, bushy brush and blend the edges.

Create a cat-eye with your favorite inky black liner or gel. For a more dramatic look, you can take the wing out further. I think that what I'm wearing is an ideal flick size for everyday.

Line the outer three-quarters of your lower lash line with the Midnight Black liner. The sparkly blue bits add the perfect, subtle touch, if you ask me. They're definitely more noticeable in person.

Smudge out the liner with the darker blue color from the palette. This softens the look and gives a smokier effect. Also do two to three coats of a super black mascara.

I used the palest shade from the Parisienne Chic trio for both my blush and lips. The blush was blended into the apples of my cheeks. I also applied a touch of highlighter to the top of my cheekbones and just above the center of my lip.

If you wanted something more dramatic, opt for the bright pink shade in the trio. That's a ton of color payoff, agreed?

  • Who else is as into this makeup as I am?
  • What do you think about a cat being the sole inspiration for an entire beauty collection? I demand more!