3 Ways To Get Cherry Slushie Lips Without The Brain Freeze

These products do a bang-up job recreating the lip shade that comes with this frozen treat.
Publish date:
May 22, 2014
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There are many reasons to love the approach of warmer weather, but one of my favourite benchmarks of summertime is the change in the world of food. Patio beers, soft-serve ice cream from trucks, pasta salad and barbecued salmon all come to mind, but a particular favourite is the slushie.

Ah, that beverage of crushed ice and intense levels of sugary syrup and vivid dyes. There's nothing quite like a trip to the convenience store, filling up a cup and then stepping out into the hot summer evening again, the humid air hitting your face while you sip at the saccharine delight. Perfection.

And the ritual comes with a wonderful side effect too: stained lips. Anyone who has partaken in a blue raspberry slushee knows it can leave you looking as if you're dying of hypothermia, but the aftermath of a cherry slushee? A perfectly pinky-red stained mouth that gives off Lolita-esque yowza vibes. I'm serious--pairing those lips with heart-shaped sunglasses is a dangerous combination …

After drinking a cherry slushie, I find myself admiring the shade, wishing I could recreate it on a regular basis in the comfort of my own air-conditioned home. After all, regular slushie-slurping will probably lead to brain-freeze migraines, cavities, and bones hollowed from dye- and sugar-overload. That's how science works, right?

I mean, even if these beverages are someone healthy (they're not), if you're a klutz like me, you'll probably drop your cup on your white linen-covered bed and splash a few drops of the sticky pink-red goo on your white jeans too, for good measure.

In an effort to get my beloved cherry hue, I took to my makeup collection and got to recreating as best as I could. Here are my top three choices for the look. While nothing is exactly like the real thing, these are pretty great for faking it.

I present to you, the faux-slushie all-stars ...

The Luxe-And-Precise Option

Lorac Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color in True Red, in its sleek gunmetal tube, looks so pretty just hanging out on your vanity, but applied it's just as lovely.

Thanks to the thin packaging, the lip colour can be applied right from the bullet to your mouth; I used the sharp curve of the lipstick to get a precise line along my cupid's bow. This red has blue and pink undertones that perfectly match the cherry slushie vibe, and the long-wearing formula gives you that stained-with-food-dye authenticity.

The Just-As-Cheap-As-An-Actual-Slushie Option

Wet 'n' Wild Mega Last Lip Color lipsticks are the dark horse of the drugstore beauty world. Moisturizing (with vitamins A and E), highly pigmented and wonderfully long-wearing, it's pretty mind-blowing that these cruelty-free lip colours are available for such low prices.

My favourite cherry red, their Stoplight Red shade, gives the slushie look when applied with your pinkie. Swipe your baby finger over the colour and begin dabbing at the centre of your upper and lower lips, slowly tapping outwards towards the lip lines for an authentic look. Blot down with a tissue and repeat with slightly less product for a believable look that lasts a surprisingly long time.

The Drugstore Stain Option

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stains are pretty dang delightful. Applied from the tube with their soft, "lip-shaped" applicator, they stain your lips thoroughly and leave behind a glossy sheen, giving a "just had a slushie, then licked my lips" effect.

Even after the glossy overcoat disappears, the pretty pinky-red colour (the shade is Endless Red) remains through eating, drinking, kissin', whatever. Ideal for days when you don't feel like touch-ups.

I've also noticed that the more layers you apply, the deeper and more blood-red the shade becomes. Play around and see how dark you want it to be; one coat is enough for the cherry hue.

How do you feel about these choices? Are you as cuckoo for the cherry slushie look as me? What other foods inspire your beauty look? I know one of you has to be on the hunt for guacamole-hued eyeshadow, right?