Red Eye: Not Just A Symptom Of Eye Disease

I'm not quite sure red eyeshadow works for me, but I'm trying it out anyway.
Publish date:
December 23, 2013
eyeshadows, lush, experiments

Everyone's talking about red eyeshadow this, red eyeshadow that. While I agree that red eyeshadow can look great, it's not an easy one to pull off; in fact, I'm still not 100% convinced myself.

That said, there's still something badass about it, like you just got out of some super-sexy schoolyard fist fight, but instead of getting black eyes, you're getting weirdly placed yet rad bloodshot-effect eyeshadow. JK, there's nothing sexy about fist fights, you guys.

Using an angled brush, I applied Lush's Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick in Confident along my eye crease, extending the crease both in towards my nose, and out towards the sides of my face. The shape is kind of like a cat eye, but instead of extending from the lash line, I'm extending the line from the crease. I also applied a tiny bit of the colour to my lower lash line.

I thought the shade was a tiny bit too plummy for this look, so added a touch of red lipstick on top. Warning: I am improvising, and this will crease like crazy unless you use a primer, and even then, it's still not foolproof. If you're really down with the red look, it's probably wise to invest in an actual eyeshadow.

I finished off with some fake lashes.

Here is the final look:

The rest of the look is simple, a bit of blush and some lip balm.

Some of you may not be completely sold; I'm preempting "eye-infection chic," but all is not lost. I think the shadow shape translates pretty nicely to all colours, so you can pick your poison. Blue, green, purple--the sky's the limit!

Have you tried red shadow, or is red strictly a lip only affair for you?