I'm Not Entirely Sure What "Rebel Eyes" Are, But Here's How I'm Attempting Them

I noticed most of the looks with the hashtag #rebeleyes were quite bold and grungy — lots of smudged liners and raw-looking makeup.
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September 13, 2016
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A few weeks ago, I saw my all-day-every-day #WCW Zoe Kravitz post a photo on Instagram with the caption "Got them #rebeleyes."

It was clearly a sponsored post by Sephora and YSL, and I was intrigued. I furthered my research by tapping on the hashtag and I saw pictures of all sorts of eye makeup without any cohesiveness. It was confusing.

After some more research on the 'Tube and Google, I concluded that Sephora came up with the idea of Rebel Eyes and, as it usually happens with trends, other brands and individuals followed. Sephora describes the trend as "multidimensional eye makeup" and "effortlessly glamorous." I noticed most of the looks were quite bold and grungy — lots of smudged liners and raw-looking makeup. It's almost editorial-like.

I'm thinking the Rebel Eyes trend is the fed-up response to "Instagram makeup: that super-polished look with lots of winged liner and false lashes that's designed to be photographed.

Even though no one really sees eye-to-eye makeup on what Rebel Eyes exactly are, I came up with a few of my own interpretations. To fit the description of "multidimensional" (which is basically a fancy word for glitter) I used a few of the Makeup Geek Sparklers, along with some other Makeup Geek shadow and liner products.

Because my eyes are hooded and I wanted to make my eyes look as dimensional as possible, I defined my crease with Latte on my MAC 217 brush. On the same brush I applied Prom Night, dusted that all around my crease, and blended that all the way out to the end of my eyebrow. I also applied it in the inner part of the crease and blended that upward to my eyebrow.

By applying the eyeshadow with a blending brush, it'll only give you the lightest coverage, so the effect isn't too dramatic at first. To make my wing appear a little more dramatic where I wanted it to be (the outer part), I applied Prom Night again, this time on a flat brush, and I tapped on the eyeshadow until I was happy with the effect.

On the mobile lid and lower lashline, I applied Mesmerized (Foiled) and on top of that I applied the Sparkler in Milky Way. To finish off, I tight-lined my top lash line with the Full Spectrum Eye Liner in Obsidian. When I don't want to use eyeliner, I always like to tight-line because it makes my eyelashes look fuller.

For the bottom waterline I opted for the Full Spectrum Eye Liner in Spice. The taupe liner complements the purple and grey tones really well, and it made my look more intense. I completed the look by applying a generous amount of mascara.

I also started off on this look by defining my crease with Latte. I'm aiming for a halo-eye effect on this look, so I applied In The Spotlight (I can't help but keep saying the name of this Foiled eyeshadow in a Michael Stipe voice) on the inner and outer third of my mobile lid.

To fill in the "halo" part, I used the sparkler in Halo. I apply these with some DIY setting spray on my brush (rosewater and glycerin at a 70/30 ratio).

In the inner corner I used Voltage (Duochrome). I decided my eyes weren't rebellious enough, so I used the Sparkler in Solar Flare on the parts where I applied In The Spotlight. The color pink can make you go from "Girl, you look sick" to "Girl, are you sick?" really easily, so I used the Full Spectrum Liner in Spice again, this time on my top lash line.

On the lower lashline I applied the liner in Nude to really open up the eye, and I applied lots of mascara.

Again, I softly defined my crease with Latte. Next I used Steam Punk (Duochrome) on the inner and outer third of the mobile lid.

This look is pretty straight-forward yet dramatic so I just applied Flame Thrower (Foiled) on the inner and outer third my lid and I dusted it around my lower lash line. In the middle I applied In The Spotlight again. In the middle of the lid, I applied a little bit the Sparkler in Asteroid, and around that I also applied the Sparkler in Solar Flare. I also applied In The Spotlight in my inner corner.

On the bottom waterline, I applied the Full Spectrum Liner in Plumeria. Then, I took my Sparkler in Solar Flare again and applied it right underneath my eyes in a triangular shape.

Again, I completed this look by lining my top lashes with Obsidian, and I applied a couple coats of mascara.

  • How would you interpret Rebel Eyes?
  • What's the most rebellious this you do with your makeup?