Your New Favorite Red Lipstick: Ramy Whipped Liqui-Air Color in Scarlett Let Her!

To be perfectly clear, I'm excited about this color, but that exclamation point is actually part of the name.
Publish date:
August 5, 2016
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We're only two weeks into this new "Your New Favorite Red Lipstick" column and I'm already bending the rules to include a red gloss. But rules were made to be broken and also, I kind of make the rules so... yeah.

That being said, when I first received a few shades of Ramy Whipped Liqui-Air Color, I didn't know it was a gloss just by looking at the packaging. I might have even assumed it was liquid lipstick since so many brands are making them these days. However, as soon as I applied it, I knew we were dealing with a shiny situation.

I'm not anti-gloss, though I do lean pretty staunchly Team Lipstick. That's mostly due not to how gloss looks — I like shine and sheerness sometimes — but to how so many gloss formulas feel. You know what I'm talking about, gloss haters: that sticky, gooey, gluey feel, like you spread some kind of honey on your lips, but not nearly as appealing as the idea of spreading honey on your lips because you can't immediately lick it off and enjoy said honey.

But when I tried on this new formula from Ramy — Whipped Liqui-Air Color already exists as a cheek and eye product, but the lip version just launched — I immediately knew it was different-in-good-ways enough for the red shade in the collection to push its way to the front of the line in this weekly red-lipstick column, like the one scrappy girl who won't be told she can't play on the boys' baseball team.

You read that caption — and the title — correctly. The name of this red gloss is Scarlett Let Her! Let's analyze the many layers going on in this shade name, because wow.

  • Scarlett is spelled not like the color, which would be scarlet, but like the name of a person.
  • It's a pun of The Scarlet Letter, but I'm not sure what Scarlett is supposed to "let her" do. Who's Scarlett? And who's the woman she's giving permission to?
  • There's an exclamation point at the end, which poses just as many questions as the pun. Is the sentence supposed to be interpreted as someone fervently saying that Scarlett let the mysterious "her" do something? Or is it someone commanding that Scarlett let "her" do something, but omitting the comma that should come after the name in that case? Or is it just Ramy being real, real excited about makeup?

Anyway, the best thing about this color isn't the baffling name but the fact that it's incredibly light, with virtually zero stick factor. The formula — which is really moisturizing, thanks to castor seed oil and vitamin E —allows for buildable intensity. One coat looks like a sheer stain; a second — I'm wearing two in these photos — lets less lip color through, which is how I prefer it.

The color reads cool and almost pink on me, which is not unusual when I wear shades that brands describe as "true red"; but even though I typically prefer warm reds, I really love this color, especially with little to no eye makeup and a lot of blush. I think it reads rather fresh, if I do say so myself.

  • What's your favorite new red lip color (I have a feeling we'll be asking this every week)?
  • Have you tried anything by Ramy?
  • When it comes to red, are you more likely to wear lipstick or gloss?
  • Did anyone try the red Sable recommended last week?