Pride Tutorial: Rainbow Eyes, Lips, Nails & Hair

There's more than one way to rock a rainbow for Pride Month. Actually, there are four ways.
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June 26, 2014
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Every June we celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month, which began as a day of remembrance to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan and evolved into a month-long (and very festive!) observance.

I'm not much of a party girl, but when Pride Month rolls around, I go a little crazy. Let me be more specific: one time I walked around the street with two "dyke" stickers on my nipples and no shirt. Like I said, it's a festive time.

This year, Toronto (my home), is the host of World Pride, a huge event that's celebrated in a different city every five years. Crosswalks have been painted in the colors of the rainbow. Hundreds of plays, parties, and events are going on. And this Sunday Tegan and Sara are playing a gigantic free show for the "closing ceremonies" downtown. It's so magical!

Will I be walking around topless this year? Probably not. Instead, I'll be using my outfits, hair, and makeup to channel some serious rainbow unicorn magic. And I think you should, too! Seriously, wherever you are in the world, I dare you to get your rainbow on this weekend and show your support.

Though she’s not gay, I’ve enlisted my friend/twin/personal nail artist Johanna to be my model for part of this pastel rainbow tutorial. We came up with four ways to get prismatic and fly your gay flag, with makeup and hair dye, of course.

1. Rainbow Eyes

I don’t usually wear a lot of color on my eyes, but I don't usually stay out all night for a week straight, either. There's no time like Pride to get a little crazy with your makeup, right? For this look, I used my ELF 144-piece Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette and went to work creating a rainbow on my eyelids.

Using a damp angle brush, I started with pink in the inner corner and worked my way outward, picking up different colors as I went. I finished with purple, adding a bit to the outer edge of my lower lashes to make it more visible. I completed the look by blending the colors slightly, cleaning up messy edges with a Q-tip, and adding some creamy white shadow under my brow line.

Pretty rainbow-tastic, right?

2. Rainbow Nails

There are so many ways to rock rainbow nails for Pride, but my personal favorite is pastel rainbow (duh). I like to use Deborah Lippmann’s Break 4 Love and/or Daytripper from the Spring Reveries collection, but any rainbow colors will work.

Johanna and I also came up with a bunch of super fun and simple rainbow nail art options, such as pink triangle, rainbow arch, PRIDE lettering (or other 5-letter LGBTQ lettering of your choice), and confetti.

We also recommend using Lippmann’s Glitter and be Gay for accent nails, because it’s like a Pride party for your hands.

3. Rainbow Lips

For those of us who aren’t artistically inclined (like Hannah), rainbow lips can seem super daunting. And let's be real, they would get smudged really fast at a sweaty Pride party.

Enter the always-awesome brand Violent Lips, which offers lip tattoos in a whole bunch of rainbow patterns. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet (mine are in the mail), but I've seen videos and they look easy enough to apply.

4. Rainbow Hair

Okay, so remember when I did that magical Davines rainbow hair with Amanda from Blyss Salon? Well, I decided to do that again for Pride. Amanda and I got together and de-minted my hair and added prismatic streaks. (Don't worry, the mint will be back!) The blue pigment is lacking in this pic, but Amanda's using me for a hair class, so I'll be all fixed up by this Saturday.

Pride is all about love, acceptance, hugs, kisses, and sharing, and because I know that not everyone has access to a hair wizard like Amanda, I came up with a slightly more accessible rainbow hair method.

My very first xoVain story was actually a rainbow hair streak tutorial; this post will serve as an update to that.

First off, your hair has to be pre-lightened. You can bleach out little parts, a chunk of hair, or your whole head, but no matter what, your hair has to be super light to hold pastel color. I’ve done a bunch of bleaching guides that you can refer to. If you don’t want to use chemicals, grab some hair chalk instead.

Since I’d already filled my hair with rainbows, Johanna stepped in for this tutorial. Her hair was already pink with yellow-blonde bits, so we chose a handful of Manic Panic colors to add purple, green, blue, and orange. We used Electric Lizard with a bit of Atomic Turquoise for green, Electric Amethyst for purple, Psychedelic Sunset for orange, and Voodoo Blue for blue.

I put each color in a bowl with some conditioner (about a 50/50 ratio) and started picking strands of Johanna’s hair to color. Using my fingers or a color brush, I carefully painted each strand with one, two, or three colors, blending the middle areas and the top with my fingers to make sure it came out ombré (not stripy). I started with foils, which are the best for keeping colors separated, but ended up abandoning them halfway through.

Once Jo and I were satisfied with the amount of color, we let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinsed it in the sink.

There you have it! The prettiest, prismatic, at-home rainbow hair dye job.

Happy Pride, friends, lovers, allies and LGBTQ folk! How do you show your rainbow spirit?!