Rainbow Lashes! No Coloured Mascara Required

Sure, this look does nothing in the way of volume, length or curl, but when you've got rainbow eyelashes, WHO CARES?
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January 9, 2014
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Remember that time I wore blue mascara but it didn't really show up as vibrant as I wanted it to?

Sure, there are some brands that probably do amazing things with coloured mascara, but what if your bank account is saying "No. Why are you spending money on seven different coloured mascaras? Doesn't mascara expire really quickly? How much wear will you get out of these, really?"

Your bank account is wise.

Turns out, you can make your own coloured mascara, and it can be as bright as you want. You can wear a solid colour, ombré it up, or better yet, rainbow the crap out of your eyelashes.

Sure, this look does nothing in the way of volume, length or curl, but when you've got rainbow coloured lashes, WHO CARES?

You'll need clear mascara, eyeshadows, and a stiff eyeshadow or lip brush.

All you need to do is apply clear mascara onto your lashes, section by section. Before each section dries, add your selected shadow colour to the lashes with a brush. I used Sephora's Makeup Academy Blockbuster Palette because options.

When you're done, add another clear coat of mascara to seal it all in. Mine lasted for an entire day.

If you want to get really fancy (or are doing a single colour), you can also mix the mascara directly with shadow on a small plate. Then using a clean spoolie, apply directly onto the lashes.

Here is the final rainbow look:

I suspect this could be even more vibrant if you used a white base mascara first.

I think the look is pretty cool, even for someone like me, who prefers all shades of brown, brown and beige. It's not even obvious in a "LOOK AT ME, I'M WEARING MAKEUP" kinda way, but in a "Whoa, what'd you do to your eyelashes?" kind of way.

What do you think? What colour mascara are you dying to try?