Quick Question: How Many Pairs Of Glasses Do You Have?

I might have a few...
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April 18, 2013
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I'm a bit nearsighted--not a terribly dramatic prescription. I'd do OK without my glasses, but I see street signs, approaching faces and movie screens more clearly when I wear them.

I also just like how I look in glasses, and my eyes get easily irritated, so I don't want to use contacts.

So now that I've justified why I wear glasses even though it was totally unnecessary to do so, I'm going to try to justify why I have a dozen pairs of glasses.

Yeah, no, I just can't.

I got a pair of Burberry frames and Club Monaco prescription sunglasses a few years ago at Lens Crafters, and I figured I was set. But then Warby Parker came along. And Lookmatic. And Coastal.

Glasses were suddenly affordable! Why should I wear the same pair with every single outfit? I SHOULD NOT.

Choosing what glasses I'm going to wear has become much like choosing the lipstick I'll wear. They're as much a part of my finished beauty look as mascara, except mascara has never helped me see that my friend is sitting over there on the other end of my subway car. Hi, friend! I didn't know you take the R!

I have a pair of Jason Wu frames, too, from a sample sale that still need lenses. I count that among the dozen since Rufus, my younger dog, recently snacked on the aforementioned Burberry pair, thus disqualifying them from inclusion.

So, today's QQ: How many pairs of glasses do you have?