Quick Question: Does It Ever Break Your Heart To Start Using New Makeup?

There's something so bittersweet about digging into a new palette.
Publish date:
March 21, 2013
Quick Question, eyeshadows, lipsticks, make, packaging, palettes, Faye Toogood

I've been keeping this palette on my desk--untouched--for weeks.

Gorgeous, right? It's the Medieval Palette, inspired by British designer Faye Toogood (I am so jealous of that name) for MAKE, and it's killing me inside.

I want so bad to try those eyeshadows and lip colors, but I know as soon as I violate those little squares with a brush, some of the magic will fade. Even if the shades make my face look the greatest it has ever looked since 1979, the exquisiteness will be bittersweet because the palette will no longer be new and pristine.

Is this how creeps who only want virgins feel?

That's not the quick question. The quick question is: Does it ever bum you out a little to start using a beautiful new makeup item?