Adventures in eBay Beauty Shopping: QiBest Lip Series

Because the only place I can afford a "beauty haul" is eBay.
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August 7, 2015
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I’m not really into the whole "beauty haul" thing; I’ve never been in a Sephora, and the idea of dropping a fat pile of cash on even more cosmetics makes me a little sick. The only place I can afford a “beauty haul” is eBay, land of the affordable, though sometimes questionable cosmetics.

One of my favourite late-night activities is scrolling through their endless supply of foreign (to me, at least) beauty products: everything from jelly masks to polish. It’s fun to see what people in other parts of the world are using. I usually zero in on colour cosmetics because they are low-commitment. Unlike foundation, if the formula or colour isn’t quite what you expected—count on it—it’s not a huge deal. Plus, on eBay, you can score colours that are hard to find at drugstores and formulas that are usually reserved for pricier indie brands in the US.

Buying lipstick overseas isn't as risky as something like shadow; it's a bit sturdier, so it actually lasts the trip across the Pacific in a little paper packet without shattering and getting everywhere. Nothing sadder than waiting a month to get an envelope full of mica in the mail. It’s like the extremely underwhelming cousin of a glitter bomb.

So, in the dark of the night, I ordered a selection of long-wear liquid lipsticks. I already have some nice reds and nudes from my last foray into eBay cosmetics, so I just went nuts and ordered some odd colours.

QiBest Lip Series is the new kid of liquid lipsticks on eBay; I was interested in them because their colour selection is a bit weirder and their packaging stout. I ordered five colours, hoping at least one would work for my complexion.

They trickled in over a few weeks (most e-packets from China take about two to four weeks to arrive), and I am completely enamoured with them!

The formula is thinner than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, and a bit creamier. It’s still drying, as any high-adhesion formula would be, so I layered a tiny bit of lanolin underneath with no ill effects. It will stick to itself before it’s fully dry, so smacking your lips together while it’s drying is a no-no.

This formula is also a bit more forgiving; if you screw up, you have a few seconds to wipe it off, unlike a lot of other formulas out there. It comes with a shorter doe-foot applicator, which I really dug; the edge of the brush is perfect for the short, precise strokes to line, and the end for filling.

I saw that a lot of reviews have said things like “I SCRUBBED THIS WITH SOAP AND IT WON’T COME OFF!” To that I say, were you literally born yesterday? Do you not know how to makeup? Why are you going at your lips with soap and water? A fingertip of olive oil, a ten-second massage, and it comes off without staining.

The colours are fairly true to what I saw online: rich, matte, and mixable. As far as being long-wear, these could be considered epic; they stand up to eating, drinking and making out, though after a little abuse, there was a bit of flaking around the inner margins of my lips.

I’m just waiting for some more interesting colours. Lime green? Sky blue? Turquoise?

  • Do you have a favourite beauty brand you shop for on eBay?
  • Are you over candy-coloured lips?
  • Do you have a favourite long-wear drugstore formula? I need mixers!