Lip Gloss as Highlighter and All the Other Ways I Like to Put My Makeup on the "Wrong" Face Parts

Put things where you're not supposed to put them™, and once again be the boss of you!
Publish date:
October 10, 2016
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Retaining a charmingly teenage rebellious nature into your twenties is difficult. You basically have to start playing by a lot of rules (tax rules, student finance rules, landlord rules) in order to not make your life into a total shitshow.

Luckily, this is when the smaller areas of life can suddenly open up as a whole world of rebellious possibility. Put things where you're not supposed to put them™, and once again be the boss of you! Makeup "rules" are yours for the breaking.

Here are my favorite ways to put things in what dumb squares would call the "wrong" place.

If you're into a Count Olaf style eyebrow like mine, this one's for you. In a pinch, you can definitely use mascara as a thickening, coloring brow product. Sure, it's black, but a light coat will add a nice definition to most brunettes. The big wand takes a bit more care (and post-application tidying up) but most waterproof formulas effectively darken, volumize and define while lasting all day.


Alert, alert: all lipsticks are basically cream blushes! I really like the Wet 'n' Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains on my cheeks.

They have a translucent quality, which makes them look quite natural, and their balmy aspect means they give you plump, shiny cherub cheeks. But the real genius here is the stain part: after the initial shininess fades, the color becomes one with the cheeks and lasts way into the night.

I used the most blush-y color of the line, Rico Mauve, but you could do loads of really (wet and) wild blush looks using these — bright orange, deep brown, neon pink. Loads!

Next up is highlighter, and for this I love the most hideously shimmery lip gloss you can find. Mine is from Revlon and called Crystal Water. It's a clear gloss with iridescent blue and purple sparkles, yet works as a surprisingly subtle highlight. The shimmery particles seem to meld into the glossiness, leaving a vinyl-esque shine effect.

I also love this on my cupids bow, for top poutiness.

For eyeshadow, I use blush: Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Bittersweet to be exact. This is an amazing bright purple, which looks pretty insane on my face (and I'm OK with that).

What I super-love about blush-as-eye-shadow is that blushes are designed in their nature to be a sheerer pigment than eyeshadows, so using blush means it's much easier to achieve that "wash of color" color. I painted this on in an almond shape and it was the easiest blending I've ever blended.

I don't typically wear face powder, as I prefer a greasy, sweaty sheen. However, when I want to look more acceptably "glowing," I love a light-reflecting, blurring type of deal — the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, for example. But one thing I think is amazingly similar in effect is something not marketed as a face powder at all: the Wet 'n' Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana.

This is clearly no bronzer, and most people say it's a good subtle highlighter. But this really comes into its own as a finishing powder. It's yellowish, meaning it brightens and tones down redness. It also contains no discernible shimmer particles, instead having a soft, dimensional finish not unlike the Hourglasses. It gives good "polish," where you retain a soft, glowy angel face without overt shine.

Adding a pinky sheer lip gloss, and my cute 'n' bright girly look was completed. However, I also had another Hot Tip for using things in unintended ways, so I added a dark, goth lip.

But I fooled you all — it's not a lip! It's L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Burning Black. This is such a top color: seemingly black with a dark burgundy shimmer, which comes off as a blackened plum on the eye (or in this case, mouth).

I love how these work on the lips: I applied with a brush, and tidied up the edges with a cotton bud. They are a pressed pigment with a binding agent, so they sort of act as a super-pigmented cream-powder hybrid. This means they effectively color in your lips and last for ages, without feeling like they're actively pulling your lips off (they feel a bit powdery, of course, but also fine). Plus, using these, you have every metallic lip color of the rainbow. Fun!

  • What do you think? Is it super-obvious that everything is in the wrong place?
  • What are your favorite things you put not where you're supposed to put them™?
  • And what are you other favorite "small rebellions"?