My Visit To Pucker Makeup Studio: It's Like A Blowdry Bar For Your Face

Because even if you know how to do your own makeup, sometimes it's fun to have someone do it for you, you know?

We’ve all had those moments where we find ourselves rushing to get things done or have limited-time to get from point A to B, usually right before a big event, special occasion, night on the town, or important job interview.

(If you don't know how you could possibly be late for an interview, you more than likely A) don't give too much thought to what you're wearing, or B) aren't the type who does practice interviews in the mirror on the way to the ACTUAL interview. Either way, we’re not judging, but anywho....)

For moments like these (and if you're in NYC), there’s Pucker, a full-service makeup-application studio -- think: blowdry bar, but for makeup -- where you'll find a staff of professional makeup artists willing to give you a full face and lashes for a small price.

When you walk in, you get a card of six looks to choose from, from basic (the Beach & Blankets) to serious (Belle & Ball). Seeing the looks helps those who are indecisive get a feel for what they can expect. Each look costs $50 and takes about 45 minutes to complete, but if you you don’t need a full face, opt for a 25 minute Quickie (which only focuses on one area of the face, for instance, just the eyes) for a mere $35. And lashes can be added to any look for $20.

I walked in there looking just as I had woken up (and it was not looking like Beyoncé), as if I was ready to attend my little cousin’s football game, dressed in sneakers, a button-down shirt and boyfriend jeans with my hair pulled back in the messiest curly bun ever. Also, I was not wearing a drop of makeup because I wanted to see what these folks were able to do. I wanted and needed the whole nine.

So I chose the Belle & Ball, which looked as dramatic as it sounds. Though I had no plans afterward, I figured why not go out with a bang? It's Tuesday!

I had the pleasure of having makeup artist Javier beat my face, and in the words of the late Notorious B.I.G., he took me from ashy to classy. I felt like a new woman! No exaggeration.

Other than beating faces left and right, Pucker also offers a complementary hair station equipped with tools and products that allow YOU to touch up your hair. (Emphasis on you, so you won’t get there thinking you’ll get your hair hooked up, too.)

But, that’s not it. Anyone who works in Manhattan knows the hassle of rushing home after work to prepare for an event or date, especially if you live in Brooklyn or any other borough. Along with the hair station, Pucker also has showers, changing rooms, and lockers to store your things overnight. Items left in lockers can also be messengered to you for a small fee just in case you don’t find yourself in Soho the next day.

The only con to the Pucker concept is that the products they use are not for sale -- they're from Pucker’s exclusive signature makeup line. The only thing that can be purchased are its lipsticks. So if you’re feeling, say, that aqua eye shadow like I am in these photos, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Actually, I’m not sure if this is a con, because unlike department store makeup stations, you’re not pressured into buying anything you’re probably not going to use again. The only thing you’ll be paying for at Pucker is a full face of makeup, and the convenience of not having to do it yourself, which is essentially the only thing we want sometimes anyway.

So, what do you all think? Did they hook a sister up, or what? Are you into the idea of a blowdry bar for beauty?