How Often Do You Get Your Brows Professionally Shaped?

After years of DIY-ing, I'm finally committing to annual brow shaping appointments.
Publish date:
January 28, 2015
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Not to brag, but I have really low maintenance, nice eyebrows. I’ve been told by numerous pros that they have a great natural shape, and I almost never pay much attention to them.

That being said, this nonchalant brow attitude wasn’t always the case.

For years I obsessively plucked, waxed, and for a short time I even bleached. As a result my brows became a little too thin in some spots and refused to grow in evenly, so I decided to take a break and let things fill in for awhile. At some point, a while turned into a while longer, and before I knew it I found myself on the verge of 2015 having not plucked my brows in over a year.

Though my brows weren’t really a mess--far from it, actually--I was eager to get a professional opinion, and find out if I was really getting the most out of my new growth. I wanted to create a bolder look, but every time I tried on my own I didn’t love the results. So I decided to turn to Mary, the founder and owner of Eye Love.

Eye Love is a brow bar located in Toronto’s trendy Queen West area, and even if you’re booking a month in advance it can be hard to score an appointment. Eye Love offers special services for first-timers (brow fix and consultation), manscaping, maintenance, brow rescue packages, tinting, and more, and though they do have wax ready at all times, the brow pros there mostly stick to plucking unless the situation is really dire.

Sitting in Mary’s chair is like placing a canvas in front of a very talented artist and asking her to paint. It’s clear she respects and values brows, and her own set is absolutely impeccable. She started off by showing me what I’ve been doing wrong--a little bit of overgrowth above and below the natural brow line, some more sparse patches, and an uneven starting point on the inner edges.

After I had acknowledged all of her (very valid) points, she went in with angled Tweezerman tweezers, adding definition and removing imperfections. She raised my arch a little bit, but otherwise wasn’t able to do a ton with shape because my brows are so thin and fine to start with.

Next, she went in with Too Faced Bulletproof Brows, a product I had at home but didn’t really know how to apply correctly. She explained I needed to start from the edges and line the brows wherever I wanted to thicken, keeping the brush vertical and in line with the hair growth. After lining, she said to work toward the middle and fill, then brush it out with a brow brush to make the color blended and more natural looking.

Throughout the entire process, Mary had me periodically hold up a mirror to check what she was doing so I could replicate the method myself at home, which I really loved considering I’m not the kind of girl who wants to get her brows done professionally on a weekly basis. When she was finally finished plucking, filling, and combing, she sealed in the Too Faced product with brow gel, took a step back, and handed me the mirror one last time.

Though it wasn’t a massive difference, I’d definitely been given the brows of my dreams. My face looked better framed, and where two barely-there blondish caterpillars had once sat I now had two full, well-shaped eyebrows that would actually show up in photos and everything.

Before I left, Mary and I discussed maintenance, and I agreed to come in at least once a year to keep everything in check and well-groomed. Who knows, new brows might just become my favorite New Year’s tradition.

  • How often do you get your brows professionally shaped?
  • What are your favorite eyebrow maintenance and grooming products?