LOTW: Purple Rain Era Prince for Halloween (or Whenever You Feel Like Drawing on a Mustache)

"Maybe I'm just like my father..." No, seriously, I look like my father.
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October 29, 2015
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Purple Rain hit theaters a couple of years before I was born, but because my parents know what’s up, I am thankful to be able to include it on the list of movies that have given me a deep appreciation for the combination of music and style.

I was thinking about what Halloween costumes I could work around my short hair this year and knew I had to take a crack at Prince circa 1984.

After I applied my foundation, I filled in my brows with a black brow powder. (I usually go with a dark brown, but Prince had pretty dark brows at the time.) Next, I rimmed my eyes with black pencil liner.

With a stiff blending blush, I lightly applied a hot-pink shadow all over my lids, concentrating most of the color on the outer third of the lid all the way up to the brow bone.

Next, I took that same hot-pink shadow on an angled blush brush and applied it with a light hand to my temples, extending it down to the tops of my cheeks/cheekbones.

Prince has got cheekbones for days and pretty angular features in general, so I took a cool brown contour powder and an angled brush to contour my cheekbones, chin, nose, and forehead to give a sharper appearance to my face.

I went back and forth for a while deciding whether to use fake hair or makeup to mimic Prince’s mustache, but I decided on the latter. I took some brow pomade (gel liner or cream shadow would work too) in a chocolate-brown shade and applied it using a small angled liner brush and short feathery strokes.

I used the same technique to apply the goatee, but with a slightly heavier hand so it would be more visible from beneath my lower lip.

After I was satisfied with my “sketch” of the facial hair, I went back in with a matte, dark-brown eyeshadow on the same liner brush and darkened up the facial hair a bit. To create a bit of a five-o’clock shadow effect, I took that dark-brown shadow on the angled blush brush I used earlier and lightly shadowed where facial hair would grow in.

Prince’s lips are naturally kind of pink so I finished the makeup off by mixing a little bit of cream blush with chapstick to bring out my lips a bit more.

As far as hair goes, mine is already naturally curly, so it didn’t take much work on that front. I slept overnight in bantu knots and then just kind of fluffed my hair once I took them down in the morning. If you have straighter or slightly longer hair, you can make those bantu knots work for you as well; the smaller the knot, the tighter the curl.

I couldn’t find a purple jacket/blazer to save my life, so I improvised by wearing a purple shirt and popping the collar for a little bit of “edge.” The final piece of the puzzle was a fluffy white scarf worn in an ascot style.

Here are my favorite looks from last week:

What have been your favorite movies for beauty inspiration? Any of you sporting facial hair for Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @xovain and #xoLOTW!