Peach: As Pretty As Pink, But More Surprising

Find out why Super Mario's lady love deserves to be named after this exceptionally versatile colour.
Publish date:
October 4, 2013
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Peach can evoke many different looks, whether it be a soft innocence or classic, refined elegance--not too shabby for a colour.

Though pink is my go-to for sure, peach is right up there, waiting at the ready whenever I feel like mixing it up.

I love it as a blush because it's almost unexpected. It can look natural, but at the same time, editorial. It all depends on how heavy handed you want to be with the brush.

I loved this peachy-pink version on Annie, too.

On the red carpet, peach is also a winner. When you find that perfect peach, you've got yourself an instant complexion pick-me-up.

I feel like peach really brings a surreal element to the face. And who can deny the elegance of a perfectly peach manicure?

Want lips to pop? Go for a bright neon peach, à la Cara Delevingne, to brighten up the entire look.

Still not convinced? Let's not forget that our first favourite video game Princess was named after this lovely colour. Or was it the fruit? Does it matter?

Are you into peach? What peach products are your ultimate favourites? Share!