It Took the "Whole Face of Highlighter" Challenge to Get Me to Use ANY Highlighter

Seeing it everywhere gets in your brain, you know?
Publish date:
August 19, 2016
pop beauty, highlighter, real techniques

I have more of an occasional flirting thing going on with highlighting rather than a long haul commitment relationship. I'll have moments where I get that highlight on fleek (do people still say that?) and then not touch the stuff for months.

So when the whole-face-of-highlighter challenge came around, I did a lot of rooting around my collection to see if I could even do it. I couldn't. Tamara, on the other hand could, and looked like Pat McGrath blessed her makeup brushes with how good she looked wearing no makeup besides highlighter.

Seeing it everywhere gets in your brain, you know? So I started highlighting again on a semi-regular basis. My oily skin powers tend to best all highlighting attempts and make me look a bit too slick for my tastes, so I take a far more of a selective approach rather than going for the metallic alien-angel route.

The Pop Beauty Pow Wow Powder highlighting palette comes complete with four different tones of highlight to choose from: yellow, gold, pink, and rose gold. So it will basically take care of all your highlighting needs.

I'm wearing the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation to get the best matte-to-glow ratio on my face. To add some glowy dimension, I started out with the rose gold shade and applied to my forehead and into my hairline and over my cheekbones.

I'm using the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush so it can evenly and lightly distribute the highlighter. This will lessen the total glow effect you will get, which is what I'm looking for, but if you want to upgrade to more of a shine, use a denser brush.

Then, to kick it up a notch, I go in with the yellow and apply to the center forehead, bridge of the nose, center of the chin, and under my brow bone.

The yellow is the lightest highlighter of the bunch, so I'm using this in the traditional highlight areas, or the areas I want to bring forward. I wouldn't typically do this with a regular highlighter that is meant to be super-shiny — it's just not my jam — but with a light hand, this powder looks perfect.

If I'm going whole hog with the face highlight, I stay away from adding anything else on my skin so it isn't Too Much. But, if I don't do the whole second part of highlighting with the yellow highlighter, I'll go ahead and use the pink as a blush/highlight combo from the apples of my cheeks and up over my cheekbones.

I love that this highlight palette adds a lot of glow but not, like, a chunky glitter shine. There are times that I want a bam-in-your-face highlight, but when I'm trying to look like a healthy, glowing little goober this does the job perfectly. The powders are exceptionally soft so they blend very easily but they can take a little layering if you are looking for something more obvious.

  • How do you typically highlight?
  • Anyone else done the whole face of highlighters challenge?
  • What's your favorite highlighter at the moment?