3 Makeup Looks for When You're Playing Pokémon Go

Gotta blend 'em all! (I mean, catch 'em all!)
Publish date:
July 25, 2016
nerd beauty, makeup looks, pokemon

I am currently taking a break from playing Pokémon Go to write this article.

I've always been a huge nerd. It practically runs in the family. As a child, my dad read me The Hobbit, sparking my obsession with the mystical, magical, and fantastical. He waited in line to get me the Harry Potter books at midnight because I had to be at school early the next morning. When I became obsessed with Sailor Moon, we drove to Chinatown and he bought me a denim jumpsuit with my hero clad in her classic attire embroidered on the back.

Perhaps most importantly, my dad supported my Pokémon passion.

Each week as a child, we would open a pack of Pokémon cards together outside on our porch. I'd cross my fingers for a holographic card, though I'd usually wind up with mostly energy cards. But we didn't give up. Soon, we uncovered two Charizards. I was one of the first kids in town to collect all 150 first-edition Pokémon cards and, for pretty much the only time in my childhood, I felt really, really cool.

Pokémon will always hold a huge place in my heart. My cards are still in their plastic protectors in a white binder on which I painted a Pikachu with paint pens. Over the years, I've even created a few makeup looks inspired by my favorite characters.

So I decided to design a few, step by step, for all of you — wearable looks to take out on the street to meet fellow trainers at Pokéstops and catch 'em all. Good luck, teams!


Eevee has always been my favorite Pokémon, pretty much because of her transformative power. Plus, she's just the cutest! This look is by far the most natural and easy to recreate.

For all of my shadow creations, I start with my Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion to keep everything on all day (because I really do go out into the world like this) and to help neutralize any slight discoloration on my eyelid. Because Eevee has primarily brown fur with a white tuft around her neck, I created a shimmery, halo smoky eye with brown on the corners and off-white in the center. I like to use multiple palettes to create my looks, but I swatched each individual shadow so that you could find a dupe in what you might already own.

I blended Samael, the cool-toned matte brown shade, from the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette into my crease using a fluffy brush to create depth. Since I planned to use shimmer all over the lid, and shimmer pops forward, the matte ensures that the plane of my eye does not look flat. I also used a flat shadow brush to pat Liberatus, the bright white matte shade, all over my eyelid from lash line to crease, to create a bright base for the shimmery shadows.

I then switched to my Make Up For Ever Artist Palette 1 for my shimmery shadows. Using a small flat brush, I pressed the lighter shimmery brown shade, D-562, into both my inner and outer corners. Using my same standard flat shadow brush, I pressed the light off-white shimmery shade, I-514, into the center of the ball of my eye. To further achieve depth, I used my small brush to pat a tiny pit of the deeper shimmery brown shadow, D-652, into the tiniest, baby inner and outer corners of my eye, making sure to leave all the previous shading visible. I used my fluffy eye shadow brush to blend out the harsh line along to crease, so the shimmers softly diffused into my matte transition shade. Because what comes up must come down, I used my tiny shadow brush to mimic the halo effect on my bottom lash line using the same shadows.

To complete the look, I rimmed my eyes with Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer to eye my eyes definition, applied Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, and glued on false lashes.

Jigglypuff is the diva that I've always wanted to be. She's pink like cotton candy, but can turn from cute to steal-your-soul-evil on a dime.

To create a base for my soft pink shadow, I used my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk from lash line to crease. I then used a flat shadow brush to pat on the pink shimmery shade from the Dior Tutu palette on top.

To mimic the contrast between Jiggly's eyes and her skin, I used my Marc Jacobs Highliner (which I clearly love) in Ody to rim my eyes. To soften my bottom lash line, I smudged the shimmery teal shadow from the NARS China Seas duo on top of the thick layer of liner on my bottom lash line. To create depth, I blended Buxom's shimmery deep pinky-plum shadow, Wild Nights, into my crease.

To mimic the shape of Jiggly's black triangular ears, I created a thick, medium-length wing using Kat Von D's Trooper Tattoo Liner. I used Marc Jacob's Velvet Noir Mascara and a pair of false lashes to finish off the look.

Pikachu is my forever fave. This is definitely the most difficult look to recreate, but with diligence and focus, you can be the very best — like no one ever was.

Once again, I used my NYX Milk liner to create a base. This time, I used my flat brush to pat on Anastasia Beverly Hills' matte yellow shadow in Phresh from lash line to crease. To create depth, I used my fluffy brush to blend Ludwin, the peach matte shade from the aforementioned KVD Shade & Light Eye palette, into my crease to create depth. To intensify the smoldering effect, I used the same fluffy brush to blend Solas from the same palette into my outer corner. To create more drama, I used my small shadow brush to blend Solas and Ludwin onto my bottom lashline. To brighten up my eyes, I used the same Milk pencil to line my bottom lashline.

I wanted to mimic Pikachu's tail shape in my winged liner. Using my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, I created a double wing in the shape of a lightning bolt. I started by creating my everyday wing, and then added a second wing 2/3 of the length of the first. I used my red Hourglass lipliner in Icon to create a small dot under my eye, halfway between the center and out corner of my eye.

To finish off the look, I applied my same Marc Jacobs mascara and false lashes. Pika pika!