I Recreated Perfect365's Virtual Sigma Makeup Look IRL

It looked quite lovely both virtually and with real makeup.
Publish date:
November 4, 2015
apps, perfect365, Sigma Beauty, Virtual Makeover

Perfect365 is a photo editing app that has been popular for a while now, giving its users the ability to virtually make over their photos at the touch of a button. I never really got into the app beyond the initial playing-around stages (some of the “wild” looks are utterly terrifying), but I was intrigued when I heard that the app had partnered with Sigma Beauty to allow users to digitally try on Sigma-inspired looks and then link to the actual products used.

Currently there is only one “Sigma” option listed in the Everyday Hotstyle menu of the Perfect365 app: a fall-appropriate look with warm eyeshadow and the ever-popular dusty mauve lip. Usually, when I do virtual-makeover stuff, it comes out looking mildly creepy, but I thought this filter was actually pretty lovely.

Once you’ve applied the Sigma look, you can click the little “i” button on the screen, and the app will take you to an information page that lists a brief description of the inspiration behind the look as well as the products used to achieve it.

When you click on the products, you will be redirected to Sigma Beauty’s online store, where you can add them to your cart and purchase them.

In addition to showing you the products you can use to recreate the Sigma Hotstyle, the information page also has a YouTube video from Rosita Applebum showing you how to apply the products.

Once I got the products suggested from Sigma, I followed the YouTube tutorial as closely as possible to try to recreate the look in real life.

I really like the concept behind this collaboration. Buying makeup online can be difficult because swatches only go so far when it comes to showing you what a product looks like. I like that I can get a decent idea of what the product looks like on my own face and that all this information is easily available; it saves me the time of having to do the internet research myself.

What I would love to see in the future is more variety in terms of different looks that can be created using Sigma’s products, as well as more variety from online vendors (it would be cool to see brands like Colour Pop and Morphe get in on the party).

One thing I didn’t like: as I got into the YouTube tutorial, Rosita was using more products (most from Sigma) than were suggested, so if I didn’t have a lot of makeup to begin with (or an already established skill set), I might not have been able to fully recreate the look. I think being more thorough about what’s being used could really benefit people who are just beginning to play around with makeup and really want to be able to achieve the look on their own.

  • Are you a Perfect365 fan?
  • What do you think of virtual makeovers?
  • Would you use this type of technology to help you make purchasing decisions?