Peachy Daytime Date Makeup For When You're Not Ready To Reveal Your Issues

I tend to scare people off the second I start to over-share, so I like trying to look chilled and laid back. Here's how.

I’m really into daytime dating. I don’t drink or take drugs or eat sugar and, to be honest, eating anything around anyone throws me into a fit of anxiety, so I'm pretty difficult to take to a bar or for dinner.

I have learnt how to counter this: with afternoon coffee, gallery trips and matinee cinema showings.

However, this throws a whole new element into the mix: what the hell do you wear that is sexy enough for a date but chilled enough to be appropriate for the afternoon?

I am obviously ridiculously high-maintenance and prone to scaring people off the second I start revealing my current bizarro lifestyle situation, so I like trying to look chilled and laid back. I mean, honesty is obviously great, but I need to play a safe hand in order to prevent people from running away screaming at first.

Dating-wise, I try to gradually explain things rather than rushing in on the huge over-share that I am often inclined to do; I find it easy to overexpose myself in order to command false intimacy with people and accelerate relationships to I-love-you status in a matter of days.

I’m trying to change this stuff about myself and learn how normal people do romance or whatever (apologies to my therapist for using the phrase "normal people") and neither dressing like a hooker nor like washed-up junkie works for me in my new, healthy first impressions vibe (although they are my go-to looks for when I feel uncomfortable with myself or fearful of a new situation).

So, how does this extend into makeup?

Well, I bought this really cute leather pinafore dress the other day that I really wanted to wear to coffee with this girl, but I didn’t want to sex it up too much and was freaking out a bit. Luckily, I just got this new range from Shu Uemura: their Spring Sakura ob collection, which is the ultimate in kitschy, girly cuteness and utterly inspired me to do a glowy, peachy, girly face to counteract the leather dress, jacket and boots.

First, I applied a base of Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, which initially totally freaked me out because it comes out like hair mousse. However, it is one of the lightest and easiest-to-blend BB creams I have come across, with the greatest packaging I have ever seen in my life. It has a semi-matte finish, so it deals with shine but still preserves the glow that is super-important for me to look like I haven’t spent 10 hours on my date preparation rituals (spoiler: I usually have).

I then worked in Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer into any dark spots or blemishes that are yet to be wholly removed by my extensive use of whitening serums, making sure to warm it by rubbing it on the back of my hand and applying it from there rather than directly from the pot, to make sure that it blended in with my skin and the BB Mousse properly. This is my favourite tip for concealer or foundation: if it's a little warm, it is a lot easier to apply gently.

I then applied cream blush to the apples of my cheeks rather than powder, to avoid mattifying my face and keep it fresh. I went on to highlight the upper contours of my cheekbones with MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel, a liquid highlighter/bronzer that blends into dewy skin beautifully. I applied it from just underneath the middle of my eye socket all the way around to my temple, so that even with lo-fi face makeup, I looked like I had a bit of definition.

I then used the Shu Uemura Eye-conic Tri-Colour Blending Eyeshadow in Coral on my lids. These tri-colours are kind of awesome because they take all the effort out of coordination; they have two main colours and an accent glitter (or you can just use all three together). I swiped the lightest, orangiest shade all over my lids, using the darker pink to define the outer corners of my eye socket and eyelid, working it into the crease, and then blended a little of the lightest glitter into the inner corner of my eye to open my eyes out a little. (This isn't available in the US, but it's worth looking out for on eBay.)

I then lined my upper lash line with the MAC Eye Kohl in Prunella that I used the other day and am since obsessed with, by rubbing it gently along my upper waterline to give a bit of drama.

I finished off with a little mascara, combed through my lashes with my eyelash comb a million times to keep it light, and applied Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine in Dream Orange to my lips. This is officially my favourite lip colour thus far this summer; it is super-sheer and delicate and applies really gently and lightly with none of the stickiness or grossness that often repels me from sheer lipsticks.

Also, it is the sweetest packaging I have ever seen: It looks like a transparent bullet from the future with a little ob drawing on it. I keep pulling it out my purse to show people. Nobody cares. As I said earlier, I’m the worst dinner guest.

Finally, I painted on a bright but girly pink nail polish to illustrate that I am not some depressed goth girl (anymore). I spritzed on liberal amounts of Yohji Yamamoto’s Senses (which was literally designed to emphasize the lightness in Yamamoto’s often black and heavy collections and smells amazingly like you have just gotten out of a lemony, pear-vibe shower) and I was DONE. DONE! And it didn’t even take that long. I still had time to chain-smoke, pick at my cuticles and freak out for like an hour! Win!

So I think she thought I was cute. At least, she didn’t see me and run away or climb out the bathroom window mid-coffee or anything. Maybe she was enamored by my wit and charm and 20-minute conversation about the Clarisonic, but she was probably just blown away by how prettily I applied my eyeshadow. Success!

What do you wear if you go for a date in the daytime? Does anyone else put as much thought into what shade of blusher to wear for this stuff as I do? Also, is anyone else obsessed with dewy skin at the moment or is it just because it keeps raining in London and I am trying to maneuver my maquillage around the climate?