Um, You Guys, This Lipstick Has a Cat Face On It

It's so cute, I almost can't bear (cat?) to use it!
Publish date:
May 25, 2016
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There are cute products, and then there are cute products. The kind of products that are so flipping adorable you can hardly stand to use them because you want to preserve their cuteness forever and ever amen.

Paul & Joe Beaute Summer 2016 cat lipsticks fall into that cat-egory (sorry). Literally, this is the cutest lipstick I've ever owned in my life.

Per the Paul & Joe norm, the lipstick is sold as a separate unit from the actual packaging. I like the concept because it lets you play with and customize your makeup a little bit more. To be fair, though, I wouldn't want all my makeup to be this way. The total cost for the lipstick and the case is about $30.

I mean... come on. There is a trio of stacked cats on this lipstick case.


Yes, that is a cat face within the lipstick itself. This is the shade Catamaran, which results in a slightly pinkish mauve once you apply. The center gives you color while the outside "jelly" part gives you moisture and sheen. There are two other shades: Smooth Sailing, a pale pink; and Ahoy!, a deeper berry pink

I thought that it might be awkward to apply this lipstick, but it results in surprisingly even color and feels silky and light on my lips.

Just a note: my lips are slightly pinker than normal underneath from a different product. This lipstick is definitely sheer, but it castes a slightly more mauve finish than this. And, of course, you can build up opacity by applying more layers.

Also, after several swipes the cat detailing goes away, but you can definitely still tell it's the outline of a cat.

More than just the cutest lipstick I've ever owned, this is arguably one of the cutest products I've ever owned.

Paul & Joe Beaute Summer 2016 collection offers some other covetable items, as well, including their sailboat-inspired eyeshadow trios, an SPF body mist featuring an ice cream and banana print, and a selection of pink, red and nude nail polishes housed in adorable bottles.

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  • What's the cutest product you've ever owned?