Rethink The Direction Of Your Eyeliner Flick For A Fresh New Look

This simple, natural approach to the puppy eye inspired by my lady obsession, Park Sora, is everything.
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October 2, 2013
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Every time I look at model Park Sora's bouncy, beautiful fringe-less hair, I rue the day I cut my bangs. That effortless way her hair falls and that deep side part make me sigh with envy. Her legs are seven miles long and her face is that perfect mix of cute and hot. For those reasons, she has earned her way into my top Tumblr search terms.

Anyway, I'm back to tutorial mode, with a fully functioning DSLR (I've yet to master it, apologies) that my amazing and gorgeous life partner Anne, and her also cool fiancé Ty, lovingly donated to me since they upgraded. And they loaned me their PS3 for while I'm in Toronto (yeah, I'm addicted). Do I have great friends or what?

But back to Sora. She and Kiko are my forever faves, as in "How did she do that, where can I buy that and can I have that hair colour now please?"

Sora's look is typically quite minimal. The key to this look is full, straight(ish) brows and her signature eyeliner: a line that follows the natural eye shape and slopes downwards. Sometimes the end is tapered, other times it's squared off.

Her face is also kept quite clean, just a flawless base with minimal colour. Think "How I wish I looked as a teen": fresh-faced, bushy-tailed, no makeup necessary. I used IOPE Air Cushion Sun Block, followed by a loose powder to fake it.

Start by using black pencil liner to tight line your upper waterline. Then using a black liquid liner, draw a thin line on your upper lash line, extending the line downwards following your eye shape.

When filling in brows, you'll want to cut across the arch as much as possible, while still remaining quite natural. I filled mine in using my Anastasia Brow Kit, followed by some eyebrow mascara to keep everything in place.

Follow with mascara. I also used a highlighter in the corners of the eye, and below the lash line. I used this cool little Japanese highlighter pen called Real Lasting Tears Tank 1 Day Tattoo. It comes with a liquid that you apply underneath the highlighting powder. I got it from Jealousy (I could spend hours in there).

For the cheeks, I gave Urban Decay's Buck a break, and borrowed mom's Tom Ford's Shade and Illuminate in Shade 1. I used the contour shade below the cheek bones and used the highlight shade on my cheekbones as well as the bridge of my nose.

For the lips, I used Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Coachella Coral.

Here is the final look:

What do you think, would you wear your eyeliner like this? Which model makes you want to run to the hairdressers every time they update their Instagram?