Here's How I'm Wearing Pantone's Colors of the Year with Makeup Shades I Already Have

I appreciate how their yearly trend forecasting pushes people like me, who stay in the neutral makeup territory, to experiment with color.

Pantone’s Color of the Year picks are fun, but they’ve never inspired me to go out of my way to buy something in the in-trend color. I think they tend to choose somewhat whacky shades that aren’t very wearable, so I’d rather spend my cash on something that’s more timeless.

Anyway, although I, personally, am not going to rush out and buy makeup in this year's picks — Serenity, a pale periwinkle blue, and Rose Quartz, a very pale pink, both of which are quite pretty makeup colors — I appreciate how their yearly trend forecasting pushes people like me, who very much like to stay in the neutral makeup territory, to experiment with color (without buying new products — haha).

For that reason, I was inspired to come up with the following look incorporating the two pastel shades.


First, I apply a white shadow — Sassy from theBalm Nude 'tude palette — to my mobile lid so everything else on top will pop.

Then, I use a fluffy brush to apply a frosted pink shadow — Stubborn from theBalm Nude 'tude — from my crease to just below my brow bone.

Next, I brush on a matte pink shadow — Limit from the Urban Decay Naked3 palette — to the outer half of my mobile lid.

Using my finger, I pat on a pale blue shadow (my Serenity-inspired shade) — Kiko Infinity Shadow in 279 — right on top of the matte pink and blend it inward. With an eyeliner brush, I extend the shadow to the outer half of my lower lash line as well.

Then, I brush on an even brighter white shadow — Snow from the LORAC Pro 2 Palette — to my tear ducts and inner third of my mobile lid. I also extend the white shadow to the inner half of my lower lash line, connecting it with the blue.

With a crease brush loaded in cool gray shadow — Cool Gray from LORAC Pro 2 — I define my crease.

Using a more pigmented matte light pink shadow — Limit from Urban Decay Naked3 palette again — I blend out the grey shadow on my crease.

Lastly, I add more blue shadow to the outer half of my mobile lid for impact (my blue shadow was fading very quickly so I had to do another layer with this particular product) and a coat of mascara to my lashes. I skipped adding black eyeliner since it makes my eyes look more awake and I purposely wanted a more sleepy, soft look for this.


For my blush, I wanted a pop of color, but pink often looks red against my skin tone. I opted for Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Blush in Outspoken, a bright purple blush that livens up my skin and looks more pink on my cheeks than actual pink blushes.


Rose quartz is a very pale pink shade. Since it has a lot of white, it would probably make me look like a yellow-toothed zombie, so I decided to go with a more wearable, less-frightening nude pink lipstick instead.

First I prepped my lips with a pale beige brow pencil, Benefit High Brow, before putting on a nude pink lipstick, MAC Lipstick in Modesty, on top. (You could also just use concealer to prime your lips.) To lighten the lipstick a bit, I rubbed a white eyeshadow on the center of my lips and blended it out.

The Final Look

  • Do you ever follow Pantone color trends?
  • What’s the latest color you’re obsessing over?