Online Store We Love: Gloss48

It’s rare that we come across a beauty retailer that is as obsessed with finding the newest, coolest brands out there as we are. It’s like they really get us, you know?
Publish date:
March 27, 2014
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Time was, I could never imagine buying anything online. True story: When first launched, I was totally like, “HA! THAT’S NEVER GONNA LAST.” Now, I’m a frequent, shameless Prime user. These days, I almost never shop in actual stores.

Beauty is no exception: If I can avoid visiting a beauty counter anywhere, I will go to great lengths. And because I’m a beauty editor, I tend to get bored with what’s currently available in most mainstream stores because A) chances are I saw it at the brand’s launch, and B) there’s only so much counter space available to less-commercial beauty brands. Spoiler alert: That space tends to go to brands that have a lot of financial backing.

It’s not easy for niche beauty companies to compete on that level, so they take their show on the Infobahn. There are many amazing beauty retailers online, but right now, I’m really into Gloss48. It was founded by a group of super-cool, super accomplished women, and it carries a number of smaller, special-er brands -- many of which are brand-new to me. Here are five that I’m particularly into:

LVX Nail Lacquer: The formulas are super creamy, 5-free, and vegan. My two favorite shades are Cashmere and Viridis, the perfect nails and toes combo. Colors are inspired by runway trends and rotated in and out with the seasons, so there’s always something new to love.

Clarisea: The star ingredient in its De-Blemish Salt Exfoliator sounds compelling for those with acne-prone skin: salicylic acid-infused sea salt. It also contains microbeads infused with Vitamin E, which would help limit any residual redness.

Sara M. Lyons: Lyons’ business card title reads “Professional Weirdo,” so clearly, she’s on our wavelength. The teensy designs on her line of nail decals include, but are not limited to, underpants, slices of pie, Black Flag album covers, and, we kid you not, possessed cats.

Cailyn: My inner germophobe LOVES this brand because each of its products comes with its own brush, which rests neatly in its cap. So clean, so tidy. And this Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Blue is a cool alternative to basic black. I am trying it this weekend.

Armour: OK, so I was already familiar with this line of lipglosses, founded by Theo Kogan, the crazy-beautiful model and frontwoman for the Lunachicks. The glosses smell like cake batter and are pretty long-wearing. And lucy, this fizzy orange shade, brings me so much joy.

What online beauty retailer -- big or small -- gets all your money?