The Only Product You Need To Create A Sexy Smoky Eye Fast

I’m not all really into all-in-one products, but this ish is hot.
Publish date:
August 7, 2014
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With so many all-in-one, multi-use, everything-you-need-is right-here products out there, you never really know if they truly work until you try them, and I’m just not one to fall for gimmicks. I understand, for example, why you might want to have a lipstick with a balm attached to the opposite end. But I know I don’t need a two-in-one-comb-brush combo when I could just use the two tools separately when needed.

The all-in-one product I am excited about? Eyeko + Alexa Chung Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner. It’s an eye shadow crayon/eyeliner with a built-in brush that gives you a smoky eye faster than anything else I’ve ever used.

The texture is more like a cream shadow than, say, a gel liner. You can use it all over your lid, but I wouldn’t, however, use it as a substitute for pencil liner because this isn’t that type of deal--it’s not precise enough for fine lining. There are millions of stand-alone liners out there for that. Go ahead and get yourself one.

To give myself the easiest, fastest smoky eye I’ve ever done in my life, I made a few passes across my lid with the crayon end and started blending with the brush end. (Fingers work just as well.) Since the shadow-liner isn’t in powder form, you don’t really need a primer (and I forgot to mention that there’s one already built in to the formula, too).

Then, I swiped it under my lower lids once to add a little depth down below. Another benefit to it not being a powder is that it’s a lot less messy to use. The shadow is waterproof, but if you get carried away, cleanups can easily be done with a dry Q-tip.

To my surprise, this smoky eye lasted the duration of my day--which is typically 12 hours--without smudging, creasing, or fading. And removing it only took a couple minutes. It’s waterproof, but warm water, Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (my go-to makeup remover), and a washcloth got it off without a fight.

How do you all feel about all-in-one or multi-use products? How many products do you use for your smoky eye (if you are into that)?