One Makeup Look That Works On Two Very Different Skin Tones

My porcelain-skinned friend and I came up with a super-easy, bronzy look that suits both of us--and probably you, too!
Publish date:
August 30, 2013
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Last week, my gorgeous friend Bailey came to visit me. While we have a long history of looking adorbs together, we’ve never been able to slumber-party out and share makeup. Bailey is blonde and porcelain-pale and I’m all-brown-errythang (a hint of blue hair in high school excluded).

I invited her over for some experimenting, to see if we could find a look that worked equally well on our wildly different colorings. What we came up with is a super-easy bronzy look that would suit a wide range of colorings and undertones.


I figured a neutral eye would be our best bet, but taupes usually pull too cool for me, and bronzes can be too orange for Bailey.

I settled on an in-between shade with Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze. This is, indeed, a bronze shade, but it has neutral undertones that helped it work with both of our skin tones. The sheer cream formula is buildable from just a hint of color to full-on frosty metallic. I applied a little less on Bailey so it wouldn’t be too overpowering.

For liner, I chose a NARS single eyeshadow in Bali. It is an almost-black brown without any hint of red tones, and I usually use it to fill in my brows.

I smudged into our upper lash lines with an angled eyeliner brush, using a wet brush on my own eyes for extra color payoff. The brownish tones blended better with Bailey’s coloring than a deep black would, but it still showed up beautifully on me.


If Jesse didn’t sell you on this product already, I’m about to. Josie Maran’s Coconut Cheek Gelée in Honeymoon Honey is a chameleon of a gel blush that I am convinced would flatter any skin tone.

The neutral rose-brown has a crazy gorgeous effect of pulling more pink or more bronze depending on your skin tone. It can be layered perfectly to subtly warm up the apples of your cheeks no matter the depth of your skin tone. On Bailey, a very lightly applied sheer wash was a warm rose.


I wanted to finish of the look with a neutral rose, and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey was the perfect shade. A sweet rosy pink on Bailey, and a pinky-nude “my lips but better” shade on me, this lip color was extremely flattering.

It goes on with a glossy shine, and as with all the other products we used, it is buildable for more opaque or sheerer color. I put one coat on Bailey, and to achieve my look, I put on two layers and blotted off the shine.

The finished look was beautiful on both of us and would flatter any skin tone. If your skin is darker than mine, you will likely have to build up the blush and lip color a little more, but these products are super-easy to adjust for the look you want, so they’ll be workable for anyone.