Selfie Of The Day: I Can't Dress Appropriately And Your Nails Are Really Pretty

Plus another giveaway! Yippie!
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August 30, 2013
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It's been brought to my attention that I am the skankiest dresser in the office, which, OK:

This is pretty tame and put-together for me--notice how I balanced the short length with close-toed shoes. Olivia keeps saying that I need to dress more professionally, but I own three button-downs: one is a vintage embroidered rodeo shirt, one is an oversized plaid check that I tie around my waist or wear all the way buttoned up to the top like a skater bro that had to go to his dad's second wedding, and the last is black and completely sheer, though I always wear a bra underneath for more coverage. I guess it doesn't help that those are also completely sheer, because two sheers does not an opaque make.

I get mixed messages, though, because while Olivia's snapping my thong strap being like, "OMG YOUR DRESS IS MISSING A SIDE," Jane's like, "Oh hi, cutie! Love the dress!" Plus Olivia COPIES ME. I met her outside her place before going to see Ciara at this CoverGirl event the other night (amazing), and she was wearing high-waisted, skin-tight black pants with a crop top and some platforms. I was also wearing high-waisted, skin-tight black pants with a crop top and some platforms and I'm proud to announce that we are officially the skankiest in the NYC beauty editorial scene.

ANYWAY. Take a photo of your skanky (or professional, bleh BORING) work outfit, or part of it, and include in the comments for a chance to win*...

Does anybody remember Salma Hayek (Nuance is her brand) in From Dusk Till Dawn? EASILY one of my favorite movies of all time, and she was super-skanky in it. And George Clooney and Quentin and Juliette... ugh Robert Rodriguez is my favorite. I've watched the behind-the-scenes like four times now.

Oh and congrats to DANA HAMILTON! Her "mint green polish with a glittery gold top coat" won the Incoco nail appliqués! Basically what I learned from the comments of that post is that our readers are really attractive, own pretty finger jewels, and have mixed proficiency in nail care and upkeep.

*Remember, you must be 18 or older and live within the U.S.