OCC Lip Tars Just Got So Much Easier To Apply!

Finally, a more foolproof, portable way to wear this cult favorite!
Publish date:
August 16, 2015
obsessive compulsive cosmetics, OCC, vegan, lip color

Knowing that some beauty brands care deeply about animals and the environment is balm to my heart. It's one thing to care and another to show it, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ devotion to the sentient beings of Earth shines right through their legendary product, Lip Tar.

I’m no Tar hater, but I was not a devotee before. I loved the shades and the formula, but hated how long it took me to apply the original product, which comes in a squeezy tube and absolutely must be applied with a brush.

You might as well call it a cat eye, because that’s how bad I am using a lip brush. Don’t get me wrong—I fully see the appeal, and the packaging is crucial for makeup artists who care about sanitary practices, but I would always skip in favor of a crayon or traditional lippy if it was a bright or densely pigmented shade at stake.

One of the other reasons I found Lip Tar inaccessible was touch-ups, which can be difficult with a brush. Being an orally fixated ADHD’er, if I’m out of my house, I’m also likely eating, drinking, or smoking something, and if not also gesticulating wildly like a Sicilian Nonna. That means touch-ups are absolutely essential to me, and I like to swipe on the go.

Enter the greatest news for lipstick since the original Lip Tar was launched: Lip Tar / RTW. Oh happy day!

Lip Tar / RTW (or Ready To Wear) is the exact same award-winning, cruelty-free formula, old faithful peppermint scent, and extreme levels of pigmentation, with one difference: a doe-foot applicator and solid-tube package.

Man, I just love when companies listen to the consumer! (If only I could get Lush to take the salt out of Aromaco Deodorant Bar, amirite?)

In celebration of this wondrous development, here are six of my favorite shades from the wonderful 24-piece launch!


This grayish lip color is a Laura-Palmer-style teenage dream. This is that taupe that is so popular, but so hard to nail. OCC founder and CEO David Klasfield told me their trendsetter secret: a simple and adaptable formula and domestic manufacturing situation allows them to jump on a trend train before it even leaves the Instastation. No long-form paperwork, studies, and red tape like at a big brand; just pure, creative fun delivered straight into our hands. I just love this color!


This could not be a more accurate name for a carnation pink such as this. I have been experimenting with pink more lately, but this is like not many others I have tried. It also happens to look nearly identical to my actual grandma’s pink lipstick that I swiped from her vanity drawer on the extremely regular.


Ugh-mazing. This brownish-red looks flattering on everyone, and though it's a bit goth for me, I don’t even care; I'm just ready to go to the graveyard for the seance now as long as you hold my hand and don’t make fun of me for jumping at the slightest noise.


A perfect plum/marsala/purple/orchid hybrid. Purple lipstick is one of my favs, but anything too dark or too pastel makes my olive skin look sallow. This is the best of both worlds and gives you a warm purple that is still striking and uncannily approachable.


This is the 1940s oxblood lipstick I have always considered but never committed to. It’s gorgeous, and the shine levels work really well with the depth. I also enjoy mixing it with Anita when I don’t want to be quite so Wednesday Addams.


Another home run in the originality department, this blue is not like any other blue on the market, and it reads pure raver. I can’t wait to wear this with a tie-dye crop top in the last weeks of the humid summer.

I was JUST talking about how much I want to appreciate color, and I couldn’t be more happier to add these unique colors to my collection and, most importantly, be able to toss one in my bag so that I can actually touch it up if I decide to chow down on my current vegan culinary obsession: Kiki’s Taverna’s Fava Bean Dip with capers and olive oil. Om freaking nom.

How much do you LOVE these? Are you stoked that OCC has decided to go the way of the doe foot?