The "Nude" Lip-Color Line You Need to Try Even if You Don't Like Nude Lipstick

There really is something for everyone in this new NYX collection.
Publish date:
January 12, 2016
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I'm not usually a big fan of nude lipsticks, but for some reason, when I heard about the new NYX Lip Lingerie line, I had to get my hands on some.

I was intrigued by the fact that they came up with 12 different shades of "color-kissed nudes," ranging from dark brown and pale beige to pink and even a red (which is nowhere near any version of nude, but we'll overlook that).

These are long-wear, matte liquid lipsticks. Clearly, this trend is not going away anytime soon, so let's just embrace it!

Here are the six shades that I tried:

Satin Ribbon

The lightest of the shades I tried (and possibly of the entire Lingerie line) is Satin Ribbon, a very pale pink.

If you're going to wear this one, you better prep first with the whole toothbrush and lip balm routine to make sure your lips are perfect. Otherwise, Satin Ribbon will emphasize any flakes or cracks.

Still, I liked this pale shade a lot more than I thought it would. This would make a great truly nude lip for me, particularly for pairing with a dramatic eye look.

Lace Detail

Lace Detail is very similar to Satin Ribbon at first glance but it's actually warmer and a bit more pigmented. I probably could have added a second coat, since it looks a little streaky. Ultimately, this is a very wearable pink-nude: soft and feminine.


Push-Up is where things start getting noticeably darker. I would say this is a pinky-brown nude.

Push-Up is definitely a very wearable everyday shade, and the application is foolproof, too. You don't have to worry as much about streakiness or the appearance of dryness as with the first two.

Bedtime Flirt

Bedtime Flirt is just slightly darker than Push-Up.

I would say that Bedtime Flirt and Push-Up are both excellent MLBB ("my lips but better") shades for me. They're both great everyday shades for when you want something with some pigment but nothing too flashy.


Suddenly, we veer into red territory!

I'm not sure how this shade was included in a "nude" lipstick line, but I'm grateful for it. Not just because it switches things up (let's just admit it, those first four shades were pretty similar) but also because it's a gorgeous color.

Exotic is a muted red that NYX describes as "warm mahogany red." Sure. It definitely has a touch of brown in it. I'm really into this as an option for when I want red lips but I'm tired of all the blue-reds in my collection.


I saved the weirdest for last.

I was very skeptical of Honeymoon when I saw it. It's a brown-grey taupe, which is a shade that I would never in a million years pick for myself. However, when I actually put it on, I was... surprisingly into it?

Feel free to tell me that I'm crazy, but I had a lot of fun wearing this shade.

Below are swatches of each shade:

And here's how those swatches fared a day later, after going to the gym, showering, and sleeping:

Finally, let's go over these lipsticks' overall performance.


  • The first and most obvious pro is that, unlike many other popular liquid lipstick lines, these are very affordable at only $7. I also like that they don't have any fake, perfume-y scent.
  • They're easy to apply, thanks to the doe-foot applicator, and they have a really nice mousse-like texture as they glide on. They're also pigmented enough that you usually only need one swipe, although I usually go for two coats to be safe.
  • Finally, as you can see from the swatch photos above, they're long-lasting. Of course they do fade faster on my lips than on my arm, but I've worn them through workouts, dates, and messy meals, and they held up well.


  • I think the worst (for me) is that sometimes they feel sticky on my lips. I hate that feeling. The lighter shades also had a tendency to make my lips look dry. And yes, you'll probably want to put a powerful lip balm on after a day of wearing one of these.
  • This isn't important in the grand scheme of things but I will say some of the names make me want to die. I mean, just imagine: someone asks me what my lipstick is and I'll have to mumble, "Oh... um... Bedtime Flirt." Maybe it sounds better if you say it in a flirty voice but I have NEVER been able to do a flirty voice, and I resent NYX a little bit for reminding me of that fact.

Overall though, I really liked all of the lipsticks that I tried from this line, and I can see myself wearing all of them regularly. Highly recommended!

I'm excited to try the other shades as well, especially Ruffle Trim, which looks like it might be another great MLBB shade for me, and maybe Embellishment, an intriguing lavender that could be a total disaster on me. I'll probably stay away from Beauty Mark, which is a straight-up chocolate brown. (Feel free to peruse all 12 shades on the NYX website.)

  • Have you tried the NYX Lip Lingerie line yet?
  • If not, do you think you'll try out any of them? Which ones?
  • Which of the six shades above do you like best?