New BB On The Block: Nyakio ABC African Beauty Cream

From Africa, with love.

In my entire makeup-wearing history (which is admittedly not very long), I’ve never once tried a BB cream.

The main factor in my late approach to this type of complexion makeup wasn’t for lack of trying. Many of the BB creams that I could find, even from brands with ordinarily very diverse foundation offerings, were far too pale for my skin. I was left with the unwitting assumption that BB creams were, perhaps, not meant for women with darker complexions, and decided to look no further into it.

Thankfully, my impressions were challenged when a brand called Nyakio offered to let me review their new line of BB cream. Their beginnings as a brand weren’t dissimilar from Shea Moisture, which only served to warm my heart to it further.

The brand's founder, Nyakio, a first-generation American of Kenyan descent, called forth the secret recipes from her family in order to bring the “sophistication of Africa” into the mainstream beauty market.

I excitedly ordered Coffee, their deepest shade, and got to applying. I started by putting a dot of cream to my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, smoothing it with my fingers before buffing it with a kabuki brush.

I immediately loved the creaminess. The BB cream applied very smoothly to my skin and blended to a very natural-looking, even finish, which served to minimize the one problem I had with it: it was still a bit too light for my complexion.

This wound up causing me to look slightly ashy, although it’s a bit hard for me to tell whether or not that was a result of the lightness of the cream, the UV protection benefits that BB creams are known for, or undertones golden enough to give Bobbi Brown a run for her money.

That said, the quality of the cream was still top notch. Even though this specific BB cream didn’t work on my skin, it’s amazing to see another African-founded brand on the beauty market that’s ready and willing to cater to those of us who are struggling to find products that work well for our skin.

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