A No-Makeup Makeup Look Done Entirely With Pencils

OK, and one mascara.

Sometimes a gimmick is just a gimmick--a clever idea that gets noticed but doesn’t really have much value beyond its ability to get attention. On rare occasions, a gimmick turns out to be an awesome concept that’s more than just a superficial ploy.

NUDESTIX is one of those rare occasions.

I know, I know, the name raises an eyebrow. But once you get your mind out of the gutter, it’s really quite accurate: NUDESTIX is a collection of pencils in no-makeup makeup colors. It’s the brainchild of a beauty-chemist mom and her teenage model daughters, and I really think they’ve got something here.

I typically wear two different types of concealers, powder eye shadow, black liquid eyeliner, powder blush, and straight-from-the-bullet lipstick in a bright color, so I wanted to see if I’d like a more natural look that replaces all of those things with pencils. Let’s find out.

I started out with a bare, moisturized face (and not entirely dry hair, if we’re being honest).

My first step was to cover zits, a couple of scars, and my under-eye darkness with the Concealer Pencil in Light 2 (they have eight shades).

I normally use one kind of concealer for a zit or scar and another kind for dark circles, but this matte, blendable formula works surprisingly well on both.

At this point, I was tired of looking at a dimensionless blob of beige face, so I applied their Lip & Cheek Pencil in Blush as, well, blush. All of the colors this pencil comes in--eight total, currently--are super-subtle shades.

I love how creamy this is. I had no idea a pencil could be this smooth, but I guess a big helping of shea butter will do that.

For my next step I grabbed their Magnetic Eye Color, which is the most crayon-y pencil in the batch. I chose the shade Angel, because look at me. Just kidding. I wanted to brighten my natural lid color with a slightly shimmery sandy shade (say that five times fast).

The color stays on a really long time, and it didn’t crease like a lot of other creamy formulas I’ve tried.

Although Magnetic Eye Color can also be used as an eyeliner, I wanted to try their thinner-tipped Eye Pencil in Pewter, a warm fawn. (Fawn is a color word, right?)

I’m used to wearing a dark line on just my top lid, so even though I applied this on both my top and bottom lid, I still felt a little naked. Using the built-in smudger helped make more of an impact.

The last pencil I used was another Lip & Cheek Pencil. Sure, I could’ve used Blush on my lips, too, but I was curious about the color Soul, which was slightly peachier.

I love this color. It’s truly a Your Lips But Better Hall of Fame future inductee. And the formula makes lips look fuller, too.

The final NUDESTIX product I used isn’t a pencil, because no one has invented a mascara pencil (because it would be infuriating to use).

This has an awesome lengthening formula that doesn't feel chunky or dry at any point in the application or wear.

And here’s my final look.

It’s way more natural-looking than I'm used to, but it grew on me really quickly. I think NUDESTIX has convinced me to switch things up a bit, both with the kinds of colors I wear and the format with which I apply them. PENCILS FOREVER! Or something.

Do you like makeup pencils and crayons more or less than other formats? Think you’ll give NUDESTIX a try?