Your Nude Isn't My Nude: A Brown Girl's Top Picks For Nude Lipsticks

I'm so sick of being told nude is light beige. These are my 3 favorite lip colors for MY nude.
Publish date:
July 15, 2013
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I am out of secrets. After having written 44 beauty articles over the course of xoVain’s short existence so far, I really do think that my dirty laundry is all out on the internet for everyone to see.

Here’s one more from my last few slithers of secrets I have in my back pocket: I love being nude. Considering the fact that I come from a family that has instilled the idea that human bodies are meant to be kept under wraps, I enjoy being free of clothing too much. Not in an exhibitionist sorta way, more of like "Let me be free of this fabric prison I envelope myself in" when I’m in the cozy solitude comforts of my own home.

When I’m not naked, and when my fabric prison is a myriad of colors, I like to avoid a potential rainbow catastrophe with nudes. The problem is not everybody gets a brown girl’s nude shades right; I can’t count how many times I’ve been given a Chinese girl’s nude instead instead of my nude when I ask for it at the nail salon. It would probably be easier to sew my own pair of shoes than to find a pair nude heels in my shade of brown.

There are three go-to nude lipsticks that I’ve worshipped in the past few years--I have tried a ton, as I’m sure many of you have in search of the perfect nude--and here they are.

#1: MAC Cosmo

This lipstick is a medium pink with hints of brown, and it's the hints of brown that make it more of a nude shade for me. Had it been just all pink, I'd look like I just stole someone else's makeup bag and rubbed her lipstick all over my lips. Which would be weird, and gross. But such is not the case.

I like Cosmo because it still gives me a teensy bit of color without blending entirely into my skin.

#2 Revlon Matte Cocoa Craving

This matte lipstick is brown with orange undertones, and for a matte lipstick, it isn't drying at all. It's great when I need a canvas to pile on another lip color too.

#3 MAC Touch

Touch is the slam dunk nude for women my color. I have about seven half-used tubes because I went through a phase of wearing only nude lipsticks and I would buy a new one when I forgot it.

It's my perfect shade of nude: the exact color of my lips. The powers at MAC: I would be devastated if you ever decide to discontinue this shade. Please don't. I will name my firstborn Touch if I have to.

Other honorable mentions include Bobbi Brown Brownie Brown and Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, which really isn't a lipstick but awesome nonetheless.

What shades are truly nude on you?