The *NSYNC Packaging is Somehow Not the Best Thing About This Makeup Collection

I am so impressed with the colors and quality! The cheesy '90s boy band portraits are just a bonus.
Publish date:
March 14, 2016
90s, retro, indie brands, Shiro Cosmetics

Do you ever buy something, forget about it for a while, and then finally get around to using it only to discover it’s amazing? Yeah, I do that a lot. I have admittedly let my makeup collection get vastly unorganized, and as a result, sometimes things get shoved underneath other things and forgotten.

About a year ago I purchased a small collection from Shiro Cosmetics and never got around to actually using it. Big mistake. HUGE!

Shiro Cosmetics is a Portland-based indie beauty company that serves up small-batch, cruelty-free, and vegan makeup. I first heard about them a little over a year ago (thanks to one of you fabulous commenters) and immediately jumped on the site to see what kind of goodies I could acquire.

While the brand has a plethora of “nerd” fare (including a contouring collection inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch), my eyes very quickly landed on their Battle of the Boy Bands collections and I ordered the *NSYNC themed one, Tearin’ Up My Heart. (For you Backstreet Boys fans they do have an I Want It That Way collection as well).

I excitedly posted a pic of my new goodies on Instagram when they arrived and then… promptly forgot about them. (To be fair, I ordered right around the time I was recovering from my car wreck and everything was pretty chaotic at the time.) I was beginning the very tedious process of reorganizing my makeup collection recently when I stumbled across the collection again and I have to say I’m so impressed!

Love at First Lance (Highlighting Powder)

This highlighter is a soft, pearly pink, which at first I thought would be too light for me, but ended up being really nice. The shimmer in this doesn’t go overboard and is very fine, which I think creates the most beautiful glow on the face.

A Chris For Good Luck (Blush)

This mineral blush is bright red in the jar, but it actually reads a bit more orange on my face. I’ll confess, when I first opened this up, my thought was, I can’t wear this on my cheeks, but I’m glad to report I’m wrong.

I’ll Fatone for My Sins (Blush)

This one is a pretty hot pink that I think will be a perfect pop of color for spring and summer. Both of these blushes last all day long, which I love, and both have a very subtle hit of shimmer. The pigmentation is pretty nice, so I apply with a duo-fiber blush brush to avoid depositing too much color at once.

Can we just get a moment of silence for that name? Shiro Cosmetics obviously does not shy away from terrible puns (and by terrible, I definitely mean awesome), but this one makes me laugh every time I pick this gloss up.

This is a nice, sheer, bubblegum pink shade (it even has a faint bubblegum smell) that manages to be more creamy than tacky. It’s not quite a balm texture, but it’s definitely closer to that than a sticky gloss (which I can’t do). Glosses aren’t super-long-lasting in general, but even as this one fades, it leaves behind a really pretty wash of pink color.

Justin Time (Lip Gloss)

This is my new baby because (well, aside from it being Justin, obviously) it is a beautiful bright red hue. Even though it’s labeled as a lip gloss, the texture feels more mousse-like. It's glossy at first but dries to more of a satin finish, and despite being so soft it actually stays put pretty well, too!

It’s not as long-wearing as a liquid lipstick, but it manages to strike a really nice balance between comfort and wear. This one smells like vanilla cake, by the way, so if you don’t like scented stuff you might not enjoy it.

If you don't mind waiting a while to get your goodies — I think because they do things in small batches it takes a bit longer to get out — this collection is really affordable: $36 for the full collection or $7.65 for a full set of small samples of each product. I'm probably going to order the Backstreet Boys collection as well since I like the colors in the range (and I can get down with BSB, too).

All of these products are available for individual purchase, as well, so if you see something you like but don't need the whole collection you can definitely pick up just a product or two.