In Pursuit Of A 'Princess Nose'

Or, how to contour the bejesus out of your schnoz.
Publish date:
December 18, 2014
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Contouring is everywhere right now, so leave it to Japan to come up with a handy dandy kit that serves up some nose contouring action.

The Diamond Nose Makeup Palette in Princess Nose comes with three shades that’ll help you achieve a nose that looks like, well, I guess Kate Middleton's?

I enlisted the help of my beautiful cousin Janina to help me out with this one. (Aside: I get super happy whenever I get to use someone else’s face for an article, so friends who are reading this that want to volunteer, come at me.)

Here she is, all pretty without any nose contouring.

The brush in this palette sucks. It’s basically a throwaway, but in order to see what the kit could do on its own, I decided to use it.

Step 1: I used the lighter contour shade down the sides of the nose.

Step 2: We added the darker shade on top of the lighter contour shade--bringing it closer to the center of the nose, and a little higher up right beneath the brows.

Step 3: Finally, we added the highlight down the center of the nose and thought, Whoa, we need to take a step back.

I succumbed to a fluffy brush and blended all the colors together.

The verdict...

My favorite from the kit is definitely the highlighter. Though shimmer isn’t typically my thing, this white shade really makes everything pop.

Overall, I think the palette is a pretty solid purchase--but use a light hand.

  • Have you tried any other nose contouring kits?
  • What’s a "princess nose" meant to look like anyway?