Break Out of Your Black-Eyeliner Rut With Me!

I'm not used to wearing these colors, but I'm going to give these looks my best shot.
Publish date:
April 8, 2016
essence, eyeliner, bold eye makeup

Liquid eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup items. It's easy to use and high-impact. The other day, I was browsing my local drugstore aisles and found these Essence Liquid Ink eyeliners. I was intrigued by the color range: there was a grey, a shiny brown, a pearly white, a matte eggplant, and some sort of shimmery pewter.

I picked up the latter three colors, even though I had no idea what to do with them. But I'm going to try my best.

Edgy Plum

The first look I came up with was a take on the known and loved winged eyeliner. I applied Edgy Plum, the matte eggplant shade, like I would when I'm doing normal winged liner, except that I left a space open on the middle of my lid. I filled that space with my ColourPop Creme Gel Liner in Get Paid, which I also used to line my waterline.

This look is simple, yet sophisticated. I liked the color combination a lot, it's very Smaug.

For the second Edgy Plum look I used my Naked3 palette to create a mauve/pink smoky eye. I used Edgy Plum as a liner, which complimented the eyeshadow colors.

I like this a lot because I often feel like a 2004 Kelly Osbourne when combining black and pink, to be honest.

Light White

For this look, I wore the white eyeliner in a very regular cat-eye. I was really surprised that it looked so different from black eyeliner.

I combined it with a very radiant and clean-looking base, so the eyeliner would really pop. I was really surprised by how much I liked this look. Is it just me or does the white make my eyes look less hooded?

For the second look, I took inspiration from my Chromat-inspired look. I applied a champagne color on my lid, and I ever so slightly tight-lined my upper lash line. Right above the crease, I used Light White to create a line. To not look washed out, I made my base look extra-radiant and blushed.

I liked this look because it's editorial yet wearable. This is the sort of cool-girl beauty that I can work with (probably because I still used more than four products).

As You Want

When I saw this cool shimmery pewter color I could only think about one thing: mermaids!

I went for a mermaid vibe with this look and I applied As You Want all along my upper lash line. In the inner corner, I used a blue duo-chrome eyeshadow. On the outer corner, I bedazzled my cat-eye with black, blue and white glitter particles. The glitter and the duo-chrome liner look so cool together!

I'm usually not really about the entire unconventional lip color thing, mostly because they're expensive and not available in stores here. When I swatched this liner, I immediately thought about those duochrome lipsticks from the Dias De Los Muertos collection by LA Splash. I have both financial and ethical reasons not to use that brand, so I've never tried anything of theirs, but this liner could absolutely double as a lipstick, so that's what I went for with this look. I combined it with a minimal eyelook, bronzed skin and bold eyebrows. It made me feel like a cool alien.

Overall, I think colorful eyeliners are more versatile than I initially expected. I'm definitely using these more in the future, and I might even pick up the shimmery brown one as well because I have a feeling that it's going to be amazing for summer.

In terms of longevity and stuff, the eyeliners are great. They're non-irritating and easy-to-use; they don't go on patchy, but some of them do need a second layer. They dry fairly quickly, except for As You Want. I felt like that was the most flawed one of the three, but at this price point I don't feel like it's bad enough not to buy it.

  • Are you comfortable using colorful eyeliner?
  • Show me some looks I can try!