The Easiest Thing You Can Do To Avoid Spider Lashes

Even the clumpiest mascara can be reined in with this "duh" trick.
Publish date:
November 20, 2013
eyelashes, beauty hacks, mascaras

Have you ever watched anyone separate their lashes with a safety pin? I almost hurled the first time I saw someone do that on a set I was assisting on many years ago.

I haven’t seen anybody do that in front of me recently, but I still get the heebie-jeebies watching anybody shove contact lenses into their eyeballs. Shudder.

I was particularly disappointed in one particular mascara that I purchased recently. It used to give me thick, full lashes before some genius decided to redesign the packaging, and alter the formula. Now, all it gave me were clumpy lashes, and no way was a safety pin coming anywhere close to this face.

Of course, only after 10 years of using mascaras, I found one the easiest way to avoid clumps on your lashes: wipe off your wand before you use it.

Sure, this means you’ll waste more formula, but something’s gotta give. The way I see it: now I can actually use the aforementioned mascara instead of looking at it in disdain because it reminds me of the $20 I flushed down the drain.

Alternatively, you can also swipe those plastic mascara wands from Sephora (hi, Sephora, yes, it is I, Faz, the woman who steals your mascara wands from Sephoras the world over) and wash them off after each use!