Snow-Makeup Makeup: How To Fake A Wintery Flush

A no-makeup makeup look for that just-came-in-from-the-cold glow.
Publish date:
December 2, 2014
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This time of year always brings up memories of lacing my ice skates or pulling out the sled and tromping through the snowy dreamscape that is Wisconsin in the winter. In fact, my snow bunny days gave rise to one of my first beauty memories: me and my childhood BFF, hunkered down in a playground, rubbing snowballs on our faces to turn our cheeks pink.

I've always loved that fresh-out-of-the-cold look: bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and a charming wintry flush. Even though I now spend my winter days holed up in an office rather than rolling around in the snow, I still like to fake like I just came inside from a vigorous snowball fight. Here’s how I get the look.


The flushed cheeks are at the center of this look, duh. Get the chilled-out look by using a cool toned pink blush; a gel formula gives the most natural finish. The key to nailing the color is to choose something a shade or two brighter than you would normally choose and apply it with a light hand.

I got to test out Becca’s legendary Beach Tint in the shade Lychee. A gorgeous bubblegum pink shade, it looked a little shocking coming out of the tube, but gave a lit-from-within kind of flush when applied. Use your fingers to blend it in well. Then, with whatever color is left on your fingertips, blend lightly on the tip of your nose--it will give you just enough color to complete the look, but not enough to look clownish.

To set the color and tone down any dewiness (because who looks super moisturized after braving the frigid wind?) layer a powder blush on top. I used NARS Doucer, a neutral nude-pink, and blended the color down into the apples of my cheeks and all the way up to my temples. Even though I usually apply blush only on the cheekbones, cold tends to turn my whole face rosy.


I like to keep the eyes fresh and neutral to really let the cheek color shine. Using NARS' And God Created The Woman Palette, I swept Bellisima, a cool taupe with a satin finish, across my mobile lid.

Then, to brighten things up, I blended Alhambra, a shimmery Champagne highlight color, underneath the brow bone and on the inner corners, blending it into Bellisima, through the inner third of my eyelid. Skip the eyeliner and finish off with approximately one billion coats of your favorite mascara (OK, three coats of Maybelline Full ‘N’ Soft) for that ethereal snow angel look.


Lips are also crazy simple for this look. Press just a little of your gel blush into the inner part of your lips and finish off with some clear gloss or lip balm of your choice. It’s natural! It’s lively! It’s stupidly easy!

That’s how I get to looking like I belong sipping hot cocoa by the fire. There’s something about this look that’s so effortless. Who, me? Oh I just got back from singing to a group of woodland animals as they decorated Christmas trees in the forest. It’s nothing.

  • Will you be trying this outdoorsy winter look?
  • What are some of your first beauty memories?