9 Things xoVain Writers Taught Us About Lipstick

Well, we learned way more than nine? But we gotta draw the line somewhere.

As we come to the end of National Lipstick Day, we wanted to share some of the lippy wisdom our writers have shared with us over the last few months. Like to hear it? Here it go.

1. You Won't Believe How Much I Spent To Have Two Lipsticks Sent To Canada

Maybe you spend money on shoes, but Samantha spends money on lipstick. Paying more than $150 on TWO tubes of lipstick is what we call real dedication. "Some people save up for vacations. I save up for crazy-expensive lipsticks."

2. These Macaron Lippies Made Our Heads Explode

It's no secret that we are macaron obsessed, but macaron-colored lipstick makes us even crazier. “When NYX Cosmetics sent us its new collection of Macaron Lippies, along with a sleeve of matching macarons, everyone in the office FREAKED OUT.”

3. The Beauty Hack That Makes Long-Wear Liquid Lip Color Truly Long-Wearable

Long-wear lipstick, why do you lie and tell us that you’ll stay on our lips forever? Lucky for us, Katherine came up with a concoction that can help it keep its word. “I felt like a goddamn alchemist.”

4. Orange Is The New Everything: 10 Lip Colors, 4 Skin Tones

Zoe knows that one lipstick shade can look totally different on different skin tones, so to test this zingy color, she asked her friends to compare and contrast. “Many women shy away from citrus hues, and as a result, orange lippies aren’t available in as wide of an array of colors as one would hope.”

5. 3 Ways To Get Cherry Slushie Lips Without The Brain Freeze

One of our favorite lippie colors happens to be the cherry red shade of those gas station slushies we’re all guilty of loving. “After drinking a cherry slushie, I find myself admiring the shade, wishing I could re-create it on a regular basis in the comfort of my own air-conditioned home.”

6. 6 Cruelty-Free Lipsticks In Summery Shades That Actually Work With Pink Hair

Ever have trouble finding a lipstick that doesn’t clash with your hair color? Alyssa did, but this story has a happy ending! “This product also gets bonus points for matching my hair, even though I think it would also look great with non-matching hair as well.”

7. Despite What Some Fancy Makeup Artists Say, Black Women Can (And Should) Wear Nude Lipstick

Yes, you read that correctly. Women of color CAN wear nude lipstick and look damn good doing so, and when I say color, I mean all shades that come with that word. “Another reason I refused to buy a nude lipstick is because I was told "black women couldn’t wear [nudes]."

8. 5 Ways To Wear Purple Lips, From Intense To Barely There

We love a purple lipstick whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall. And there’s a shade out there for everyone. “This will definitely be one of my go-to bright lip colors for going out at night. It has the staying power to last through drinking, eating, talking, and, ideally, making out with my future boyfriend.”

9. The Mary Kay Lipstick That Made Me A Believer

Who knew Mary Kay had a hydrating, sheen, long-wear fuchsia lipstick that had the potential to change our lives? Tamara did. Thanks for putting us on, girl! “I know what you’re thinking, Mary Kay? Really? I hear you.”