9 New Beauty Products To Buy This Spring

I created an entire look with these new-to-the-world spring 2015 cosmetics.

Forget about all the flowers that are about to pop up everywhere. Let's talk about all the new makeup hitting stores, instead. There's a lot, as you'd expect, and it's got me feeling fine.

When putting this story together, I was trying to think of the best way to showcase all the new goods in a cohesive way that also covered a lot of ground. In the end, I decided to put together an entire makeup look composed strictly from new-to-the-market cosmetics for Spring 2015.

We'll begin with a primer, naturally. Murad's Invisblur Perfecting Shield ($65) is a multi-use product that boasts SPF 30 (hooray!). In addition to protecting your face from the sun, it packs a mean dose of anti-aging ingredients and immediately "blurs" to improve the appearance of skin. A tiny bit goes a long way. It has a silky, wet consistency works perfectly under makeup as a primer.

I'm all for matte products, but spring makes me want to embrace all things dewy and luminous. I've recently been using Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint ($40), which provides just enough coverage to create an even complexion without weighing you down. There's the tiniest hint of shimmer in this product--very subtle--to help provide that glow-y appearance.

Next up: Paula's Choice Brow-Defining Cream Duo ($20). This might actually be easier to apply than Anastasia's Dipbrow. It's creamy, but sturdy, and it stays put.

Also from Paula's Choice is this Blush it On Contour Palette ($36). Isn't it the loveliest? I've been using the highlighter and contour from this palette quite a bit (and for this look), and I love how easy it is to wear. The colors go on sheer, which allows you to build intensity and blend easily.

In the photo below, I'm wearing the highlighter/contour from the Paula's Choice palette with this cheery Chiara Flush Stick in Ibisca from Vincent Longo ($34). This is a super saturated, bright matte pink with a pearly center that adds shimmer and highlight to your cheeks. I am all about creamy blushes right now, especially for that dewy spring look.

Here's the primer, the tint, the contour/highlight, blush, and brows. This could actually be a look in and of itself, but let's continue.

I'm a die-hard Urban Decay Primer Potion user, so I was skeptical about this new "Eyes The Limit" eye shadow primer from Hard Candy. It's $5 and yes, it works. My eye shadow stayed on all day long with no creasing. Buy it and you won't be sorry.

I'm using another inexpensive new product from Hard Candy: their Smokey Eyes Palette ($8). It comes with nine shadows, a black eye pencil, and eye shadow primer. I used the colors from the second tier to create a subtle, shimmery, smoky effect. I'll be honest, you can find more pigmented shadows out there, but these build up well, apply nicely, and are a very good value. The fact that the palette comes with a liner and primer makes it a no brainer.

Whenever a mascara makes a bold claim, I approach the subject with intense scrutiny. The MO for Benefit Roller Lash Mascara ($24) is to curl your lashes, allowing you to skip the weird clamp looking torture device and still walk around with the doe-iest eyes on the planet. Look at the picture above, where I'm wearing the mascara on my left (to you) eye. CURL CONFIRMED.

I am positively smitten with Jessica Liebeskind's new Vintage line of makeup, which debuted this spring. It's full of so much win. Her matte, but creamy, Velvet Lip Crayons ($22) are so freaking good. They glide on smoothly, are richly pigmented, moisturizing and, most importantly, last forever. Each comes with its own sharpener, too. I have this one (Pink Lily) and Candy Coral and they're all I've been wearing lately.

Finally, I'm wearing Japonesque's Finishing Powder ($26), which I've also been using a ton lately. It makes my skin look near-flawless and feels very light and sheer.

Here's the whole shebang, kids. Soft and glow-y and springy and pretty.

  • Have you tried any of the above?
  • What's your favorite new product as of late?
  • Are you as ready for spring and summer beauty as I am?