Other Than Star Wars, Here Are 3 Nerdy Movies That Should Have Makeup Collections

I would die for a Guillermo del Toro collaboration.
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August 17, 2015
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Have you seen the photos of the CoverGirl’s limited-edition Star Wars collection (available September 4th)? It’s not as elaborate as Reebok x FACE Stockholm’s matching sneakers and makeup, but Star Wars fans are going to be psyched about the affordable-yet-spaceworthy collection.

I’m not a Star Wars girl, but I really like the quote-emblazoned mascara. “Do, or do not. There is no try,” is basically my mantra when I’m struggling with my eyeliner.

I wish more movies did makeup collaborations! There are so many great, nerd-beloved sci-fi and horror films that would make for excellent makeup collections. Here are a couple that I’m imagining right now…

Pacific Rim

In Pacific Rim, the earth is menaced by giant alien monster, Kaiju, who materializes under the sea and rise to attack coastal cities. Humanity has learned to defend itself with towering humanoid robots who defeat the Kaiju in hand-to-hand combat. But the Kaiju are getting bigger, and their attacks are coming more frequently. Humanity is in grave danger of losing this epic robot versus monster arms race.

This might sound like a repetitive slugfest, but it’s not. The film is well-paced and gorgeous to watch—as usual, Guillermo del Toro packs each frame with visual flair, from the costumes to the props to the luminous aqua monster blood. And there’s a strong color story: the whole film is drenched in glowing blues and smouldering oranges.

If I were in charge of a Pacific Rim makeup collaboration, I’d have del Toro design the packaging himself. There’s no telling what it would look like: del Toro has one of the most creative and visually driven minds I can think of.

In the event that Mr. del Toro was too busy, I’d settle for gleaming surfaces and mechanical details. Obviously, this line needs a cobalt blue mascara and a glossy aqua lipstick.


The 1977 horror film Suspira isn’t a “nerdy movie,” per se, but it is beloved by film nerds. More importantly, its campy, color-soaked visuals are just begging to be made into a makeup line.

The plot, if I remember correctly, doesn’t make a ton of sense. Suzy, a fresh-faced American student, arrives in Germany to dance at a prestigious (and mysterious) ballet academy. Creepy things start to happen: students are murdered, maggots falls from the ceiling and a seeing eye dog kills a man for no reason. Suzy begins to suspect that some dark occult forces may be at work.

A Suspiria collaboration would require a top-notch brow product, to capture Suzy’s full, feathery eyebrows. We’ll also needs a glossy, red liquid lipstick. There’s a lot of fake blood in Suspiria, and thanks to Dario Argento’s cinematography and technicolor film stock, it looks particularly bright, flat and paint-like. And fortunately for us, Hannah has already figured out the best Suspiria fake-blood lip color.

The Cabin in the Woods

Five college friends plan a weekend at a cabin in the woods. The cabin is isolated and creepy—and things go downhill from there. At first, the story unrolls like a typical horror film, but ends up being something much more interesting.

I can’t explain much without giving away the twist, but as they approach the cabin, each character starts to change. Dana is brash (and pantless) in her first scene. As the film progresses, she becomes more timid. Meanwhile, her friend Jules is rocking a new dye job, and acting more provocative by the minute. The girls slip into classic virgin/whore roles, but is there something at play besides classic horror movie tropes?

A Cabin in the Woods tie-in would play with extremes and binaries. You’d need a Whore palette for vampy looks, and a Virgin palette for demure, neutral faces. A handful of double-ended lip and eye crayons would be excellent.

It should also include makeup that looks like one thing and acts like another. Perhaps a formula like Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick, where a black bullet adjusts to a pretty sheer pink on the lips.

  • Would you buy any of these collections?
  • Are you excited for the Star Wars collaboration?
  • What other movies should inspire a makeup line?