Neapolitan Ice Cream Eyes: A Sweet Tricolor Look

I haven’t yet been able to find Neapolitan vegan ice cream, so I’m translating my love for it into my eyeshadow.
Publish date:
March 21, 2014
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I’m a huge fan of ice cream. Vegan
ice cream, real ice cream, sorbet, gelato, froyo: you name it, I love it!
Though my veganism does limit me at times, I have found a ton of delicious
flavours and brands that I can eat, and I even bought a soft serve ice cream
machine to play around with.

The only ice cream I still feel really
deprived of however, is Neapolitan.

Neapolitan is such a classic. I love the three colours together, and the sweet
mixture the three flavours take on when combined in one spoonful.

I haven’t yet
been able to find Neapolitan vegan ice cream (though I could try making my own, I suppose), but I’m still holding out hope. Until that fateful day,
I’m translating my love for Neapolitan ice cream into my eyeshadow.

A few weeks ago I was using my Too
Faced Natural Eyes palette,
and it hit me: the three main colours are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry
(well, technically they’re Heaven, Silk Teddy and Nudie, but close
enough). I decided to test out the look on
my eyelids.

First, I covered my lids in a
thin layer of Too Faced Glitter Glue,
a sticky primer that helps colours show up bolder and less powdery.

I imagined I was dividing my eye into three parts (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate), and applied the shadows as close to those imaginary lines as possible. I applied Heaven to the inner corners of my eye, and my lower lashes. For both the
upper and lower lashes,

I also went over my lower lash line with a white
Anna Sui eyeliner pencil to really make the white pop.

I added Silk Teddy next,
starting where the creamy off-white shadow ended on both the top and bottom
lash line, and filling in the entire middle section of my eyelid.

On the lower
lash line, I used a slightly damp angle brush to create an eyeliner-like

Finally, I added the chocolate (my personal favourite part of the ice cream equivalent).

I opted for Chocolate Martini, a slightly darker brown in the palette with tiny bits of
gold glitter in it. I filled in the corners of my eye, careful not to blend the
line between “chocolate” and “strawberry” too much.

To finish it off, I went
over the “chocolate” near my upper and lower lashes with an Urban Decay liner
pencil in Bourbon.

Has your makeup ever been inspired by a food? What would you choose?