Get Your Summer Glow On With Napoleon Perdis' Slim Aarons Collection

Guys, this collection is really dreamy.
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July 18, 2014
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Fact: I do not tan. I never have and I doubt I ever will. I'm so pale that when I shop for a foundation, concealer, or other skincare product, there are sometimes not colors pale enough for my complexion.

Admittedly, this used to bother me. There was even a summer in my youth when I dabbled in the realm of self-tanners, but that required more upkeep than I ever wanted to deal with, and I let the orange-y dye fade away.

Since then, I've embraced my translucence with the gusto of an 18th century maiden. However, that does not mean I must forego the use of bronzers, illuminators or otherwise "glow-inducing products" year round. I do need to be careful of the products I use, though, lest I channel an Oompa-Loompa-meets-Kardashian hybrid.

Which leads me to the products I'm dishing on today: Napoleon Perdis Poolside Gossip Slim Aarons Collection: a highlighter, bronzer, cream lipstick--all super neutral, and three liquid liner pens in summery shades.

Guys… this collection is really dreamy. Like, really, super dreamy. The colors are so luxe and complementary, and I feel like a super-hot babe wearing them. Plus, each product is layerable, allowing them to work with a bevy of skin tones, including ultra-fair skin.

Slim Aarons is an iconic American photographer. One of his most famous photographs is called "Poolside Gossip," which was taken in the '70s at a modern Palm Springs home. Napoleon Perdis was inspired by the sun-kissed skin and joie de vivre, and a collection was born.

The following is just one look you can create with the collection. The products are super versatile, though, so don't limit yourself when playing!

To begin, I primed my face with Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser and Peripera Wonder BB Cream, which creates a dewy finish rather than a matte one. I also gently filled in my brows with Sumita Brow Pencil.

First up is highlighter, Champagne Days. It's in chunky stick form and is a creamy, shimmery gold.

I applied it liberally to my upper cheekbones, the tip of my nose, my cupid's bow, and the center of my chin. It's kind of hard to demonstrate in a still image, but the highlighter truly catches the light IRL.

To make this look more playful, I applied the Two-Faced Eyeliner Duo in High Society.

Holy wow does this baby pack a ton of color. It's also super easy to use--I didn't have a single mistake during the application process, which is saying something. The liner's called "two faced" because it combines two brush types in one pen--both are felt-tip, but one's angled and the other is precision.

The formula is more liquid-y than other similar eyeliners, so I recommend letting it set for a couple minutes and then applying a finishing powder on top to stop any color transfer. That said, that also makes it easy to smudge, which I'll demonstrate in just a bit.

I really dig the High Society on its own, but I decided to go a little bolder, and added Two-Faced Eyeliner in Privilege, a grass green, on my lower lash line. I've simply dotted the lower lash line and then smudged it out with an angled brush.

Next up is the matte bronzer. I have a hard time with bronzers because of my fair skin, but this one is pretty darn good. It's sheer enough to allow you to build up to you desired color.

For me, that was one or two swipes, but for someone with darker skin, you can definitely build on that.

I used the bronzer as a contouring powder by applying it lightly just underneath my cheekbone. (FYI: I just accidentally typed brontour. Adding it to my lexicon.)

It's not too dark, but definitely shaped my face and warmed up my complexion, overall.

Finally: lipstick, a nudish, creamy, shimmery pale pink called Entitled. I love that it makes my lips look really full and moisturized. And how about that gold packaging? Swoon.

For the record, I almost never wear a pale lip because I feel like it washes me out, but I'm totally digging the vibe of this one. I think the creaminess mixed with the pinkish shimmer makes it really work.

And here's the finished look. Super glowy and happy-healthy.

It's subtle, but compared with the before picture it's much improved, no? Meet you at the pool!

What's your go-to (subtle) bronzer? And tell me your feelings about colored eyeliner!